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Insect Screens & Fly Screens For Doors

Retractable Door Screen Amazing Options!

Mesh Lock

Mesh lock is a reinforced solution for door screens that are exposed to pets, pests and wind. It keeps the mesh completely secured in the top and bottom tracks to prevent small pets from escaping, unwanted critters from entering and mesh blowouts in breezy conditions.

Latch Stop

Though it may be just a screen door, for many people, the ability to lock the retractable screen provides them with greater peace of mind. This locking feature helps deliver an elegant solution for those who want a sense of security that the latching handle alone doesn’t provide.

Experience New Zealand’s Finest Retractable Door Screens

At Phantom Screens, we take pride in crafting the ultimate retractable insect screens for doors. Our screens are the gold standard when it comes to material quality, design finesse, durability, and aesthetic appeal. We’re not just confident in our products—we guarantee them with comprehensive service and warranties.

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Make an Informed Choice

We want you to be 100% confident in your decision. That’s why we encourage you to personally examine our product samples and ask any questions you may have. Experience the Phantom Screens difference for yourself.

Beyond Ordinary: Where Style Meets Function

Forget about clunky, fixed aluminium frames or sliding panels. Our retractable door screens are far from ordinary—they’re a stylish, discreet addition that complements your home decor. Best of all, they vanish when you don’t need them, keeping your home fresh and insect-free.

Long-lasting Value

Our philosophy is simple: “Buy nice, not twice.” We create products built to last, offering you exceptional value and long-term satisfaction. For over two decades, we’ve been New Zealand’s go-to experts for retractable insect screen for doors. We’re honoured to set the industry standard for quality and design.

Retractable Door Screen (Single Doors)

Introducing our classic door screens that seamlessly blend sturdy craftsmanship with timeless elegance. Opt for the rollaway Legacy door screen, a harmonious fusion of durability and sophistication. It allows for the use of a flat mesh as opposed to a pleated mesh and presents as a pragmatic yet graceful answer with and robustness suited for decades of use. Embrace the outdoors while safeguarding against insects; our retractable door screens ensure an unobstructed view without compromise. When unneeded, they gracefully vanish, preserving the aesthetic of your doorway in its entirety.

Retractable Wall Screen (Large Openings)

The ultimate answer for your expansive openings and oversized door systems: Phantom’s Retractable Wall Screens. Envision the sheer luxury of leaving your doors wide open, inviting in the refreshing breeze while keeping bothersome bugs at bay. Tailored for multi-panel systems, vanishing when not in use, complemented by adjustable stopping points, pet resistant mesh and a quick-release thumb latch for effortless entry.

Anchored securely within the tracks, the mesh remains steadfast, even in gusty conditions. Our range of mesh options provides an ideal blend of insect deterrence, pet security, privacy and solar protection. 

Brio 612 Pleated Insect Screens (Foldaway Screens)

Phantom is NZ's national provider of the incredible Brio 612 Pleated Screen. Its next level architecturally designed quality is specified for all door sizes up to 9.0 m wide.

From the same manufacturer that brings you Schlage locks, this high-end solution is engineered and constructed to perfection and can be recessed into a new build or retrofitted to existing joinery.


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Our premium retractable screens for doors, windows and patios are custom designed to make your home more comfortable.

🇳🇿 Fast & Easy Screen Quote Starts Here 🏠

*Check your email for immediate next steps!

Our premium retractable screens for doors, windows and patios are custom designed to make your home more comfortable.

Frequent Questions About Fly Screen Doors

Retractable insect screens like the rollaway door screen or pleated door screen fold or roll away when not needed, making them a much better all-around solution for doors. They are also more aesthetically pleasing, don’t disrupt the view, easy to clean and maintain. 

Yes, retractable insect screens are a practical solution for french and bifold doors as they don’t get in the way of the door and don’t add a hinged or sliding fixed panel screen to the existing joinery.

Insect screens for doors can vary greatly in price depending on the style or product chosen and the size of the opening. For example, using high-quality fly screens, such as Phantom Screens, can cost as little as $1000 for a small door, but the price can reach $10,000 for recessed units in larger stacker doors that are 9m wide. It is best to send an enquiry for a better indication of the price.

Retractable fly screens are a great asset for any home and will provide satisfaction every time you use the door for years to come. They can be installed on a smaller span and with a small 45mm cassette.

Fly screens have small mesh holes that allow fresh air to flow through while preventing mosquitoes from entering the home. The mesh size is small enough to prevent mosquitoes from fitting through, while still allowing light and maintaining the view. Phantom Screens offers several mesh options in various colours and depths of view.

Yes, good quality insect screens are worth it, as they can save money on chemical fly spray and cooling costs, as well as prevent damage from fly poop and the annoyance of flies and mosquitoes. If they are of high Phantom Screens quality using the best materials then they also provide a long-term cost-effective solution lasting decades. 

Yes, we do offer pet-proof screens. They are called Wall screens or Zip Tracked screens. However, we do not offer this option for window screens or legacy rollaway door screens as the mesh can be pushed or pulled out of the tracks with force, which would negate the purpose of a pet-proof screen.

The mesh on the Wall screen (and Executive outdoor screen) is zipped in like a drum so we can use a pet mesh.

Sliding insect screen doors and hinged screens are considered unsightly and impede the view. Customers today want to keep flies and insects out of their living spaces while maintaining an aesthetically pleasing environment. To do this they tend to choose a Brio pleated screen for larger openings and if they like the foldaway design or a rollaway door screen if flat mesh is preferred.

Retractable fly screens can be powder-coated in a variety of colours, including matching existing joinery using the Dulux powder-coat colour range.

Phantom Screens manufactures fly screens for door track components and window insect screens in Tauranga, New Zealand. The mesh component for the screen doors is made to order in our sister factory in Australia and shipped to us.

Door screens require occasional cleaning, lubricating the tracks and removing debris, and storing the screens away when they are not in use in order to extend their lifespan.

Retractable insect screens for doors are installed on the inside of the frame, with two tracks at the top and bottom and a cassette placed vertically.

The tracks guide the mesh to make sure there are no spaces for bugs to enter.

It is recommended that these screens be installed by Phantom-trained experts, but in some cases, the product may be available for purchase and self-installation.

The Pleated screen is a type of insect mesh that is folded back onto itself when retracted. Phantom Screens use a concertina (or pleats) for a sleek and discreet design. Unlike other options, the Brio pleated screen does not have a cassette with a spring-tensioned mechanism, instead, it utilises a braided string that self-tensions and threads through four to six sections of the screen, using the bottom track as a pathway to push and pull as it open and close. The top track keeps the screen firmly in place. The beauty of this style of material is that in the long run, the only part that may need replacing is the braided thread, depending on the location of the screen. The Brio Pleated Screen is suitable for a wide range of architectural openings such as bi-folding panels, french doors, windows, and sliding panels, and can screen 3.2 meters high and 9 meters wide with a double screen that meets in the middle.

Phantom Insect Screens For Door Products