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Outdoor Patio Blinds

What is an outdoor patio blind?

The patio area is an outdoor area or courtyard but the patio blind or outdoor shade refers to retractable outdoor awnings that can be used to protect the area, furniture and yourself from weather, sun insects or privacy.

They can be fitted to louvres as louvre blinds, varandas, gazebos and the like. They act as a temporary wall and give much more liveable outdoor space for longer indoor-outdoor living seasons.

Outdoor blinds come in manual and automatic operation. None of a decent quality are particularly cheap but they are a long term asset that expands your homes footprint and adds value to the home.

We will try and outline a few of the differences between the outdoor blind options we have on offer. We are very particular in only working with the highest quality products so if you have any questions about your home, please don’t hesitate in contacting us for more information.

Screen Type
Quality Score
Style Score
Price Score
Executive Living Screen
More Information
Cocha Weather Screen
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Executive Living Screen

Architectural elegance in the largest in the world.

A high-end product that will be a centrepiece in your indoor-outdoor living environment. When looking for the best, you can’t beat an Executive Living screen. A variety of mesh options from a light insect mesh to completely closed. The Executive outdoor screen is fully automatic and doesn’t have a manual option.

Cocha Weather Screen by Phantom Screens

Cocha Weather Screen

Built tough to keep the elements a-bay.

The Cocha weather screen does what it claims to do by blocking the weather. The mesh is all 95% closed that allows a little bit of visibility and breathability but very efficiently blocks basically everything else.

A more economic option if a manual wind is chosen it can also be fitted with motor if desired.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What are Retractable Solar Screens?

Phantom Screens has a premium range of solar screens that can also keep the annoying bugs out of your home while protecting you from the elements.

Screening the direct sun can keeps you cool in summer but the screen also keeps you warm in winter.

Our experts know the best solution for your home and our products are higher in quality, look better and last longer than other options.

The best part is when the screen is not in use, it retracts out of the way and you wouldn’t even know it is there as it is seamlessly matched to your decor.

Contact Phantom screens for more information and enjoy year round comfort in your home.

What is a Retractable Fly Screen?

A retractable screen is a screen that rolls away onto a roller (sometimes pleats or folds away) when not in use. 

Phantom Screens are New Zealand’s original and leading provider in retractable screens.

Take control of the climate, insects or your privacy with our elegant and premium retractable screen products. Our experts know the best solution for your home and our products are higher in quality, look better and last longer than other options.

The best part is when the screen is not in use, it retracts out of the way and you wouldn’t even know it is there as it is seamlessly matched to your decor.

Contact Phantom screens for a free measure and quote and love your living environment more with this premium accessory.

Do you do Privacy Screens?

The mesh selection determines the level of privacy from a screen. If privacy is the goal then a mesh that is more closed can be used to make the screen less visible.

Being less visible means the mesh is more closed so airflow is reduced. Unless privacy or shade  is not a priority then we always suggest an open insect mesh for greatest airflow.

However, the mesh can be used as a privacy layer of the neighbours.

There is always some visibility unless blackout as a mesh option is selected.

The neighbours or neighbourhood don’t need to follow your home life. You shouldn’t give up on the best of the outdoors either.

Our experts know the best solution for your home and our products are higher in quality, look better and last longer than other options.

The best part is when the screen is not in use, it retracts out of the way and you wouldn’t even know it is there as it is seamlessly matched to your decor.

What is a High Visibility Fly Screen?

A high visibility insect screen allows for the outside to be easily visible. It is ideal when a view needs to be preserved. While it is easy to see through it must also be closed enough to prevent insects from coming into the home. The image below saves your home from being a landing ground for insects without compromising the great New Zealand landscape.

The image below is an example of our rollaway screen. All Phantom Screens have a selection of mesh options for you to choose from. Contact us today to book a measure with us!

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What power do the motorised outdoor blinds need?

After your screen has been installed our expert will place a “Molex clip” on the end of the wiring system for the electrician to then cut the end off and do one of two things:

  • Add a three point plug; or
  • Wire it directly into a terminal box
Both of these options are viable. But, our recommendation is too have a three point plug installed to isolate the screens functionality.

For more details on the motors used the screen, check our resources page.

What is your warranty on the screens?

We are known for the best warranty in the industry. This is possible because we only use the highest quality products and materials available.

We keep your details for reference but it is wise to keep a copy of your purchase for suture reference to make things quick and easy should any issue arise.

We stand by our products so even if accidents happen, we will look after you. Repairs and maintenance are part of the service. We have been here for over twenty years and plan to be here for many more so just let us know if you ever have an issue.

The warranty document is available on our resources page or downloadable on the below link.

How much does a screen cost?

Phantom screens are custom made to measure. In most cases the price of the screen is determined by its size.

If you are eager to get a price based on your own measurements, then it is important to make sure you take the correct measurements. You can find measuring guides on our resources page that indicate how to measure openings (not any fixed panels).

We will need to visit and confirm the measurements to make sure we have what is required for the best possible outcome for your home.

Our “Quick Guide & Next Steps” document can be downloaded below here, it offers a bit of a guide for a few different sized screens to give you an idea. It is important to note that Phantom Screens does not cater for the “cheapest” screen. We only work with and deliver the best available products so we always advise to check sample or display products closely and ask about warranties and how the screens are fitted.


Can I fit them myself? DIY Friendly?

Our screens are always fitted by Phantom-trained experts, so you don’t have to worry about learning the technicalities of the installation. The price of your screens always includes the cost of installation unless otherwise specified. Our aim is that the whole process will feel like nothing more than a gentle breeze before and after we visit.

If you are interested in becoming a Phantom screens installer in your area then please contact us.

When will my screen be installed?

At Phantom we endeavour to have your screen ordered, powder coated (to your desired colour), assembled and installed within a four to eight weeks from the approval of the quote. Some products are made in our factory in Australia and that can add a couple of weeks to the process if transport isn’t effective at the time.

At times we have experienced supply and “pandemic” issues that has unfortunately prolonged timeframes. We are forever making improvements to prevent this from happening.

Also expect some delay to the above timeframe during peak seasons when demand can quadruple overnight.

Can I choose the the colour of the screen?

Yes! The aluminium components of the screen be finished in any of the Dulux powder-coating colour range. If unknown, we can use the colour sample booklet to select or match a colour with you when onsite.

We’ll also work with you on any custom finishes or bespoke colours to make sure your screens are carefully integrated with your décor.

Are good quality insect screens worth it?

Yes, yes & yes! While we maybe a little biased, but without even considering the huge saving of annoyance from flies and mosquitoes you would receive by not having quality mosquito screens.

Consider the cost of ten years worth of cans of fly spray. Now consider the cooling cost by keeping your house shut-up. Then there is the fly poo on paint work being cleaned or repainted.

Get them, you won’t regret ’em and when choosing, buy nice or buy twice. 

Does the mesh break or need to be replaced?

Of the screens we have been installing throughout New Zealand for more than 22 years, we typically are only going back to replace (sometimes only clean) meshes after 17-18 years. Meaning that structurally our screens are still in good tact, and only the mesh itself is need of small repairs.

BUT mesh quality varies and we have been asked to rip out and replace non-Phantom window screens and broken insect mesh – Because our clients have found that their screens haven’t lasted as long as our mesh in the screens we supply.

If not looked after, the mesh is the component of the screen that is most likely to need replacing. Our experts will whip out the mesh and replace it with a brand new mesh. Because replacing an entire screen and frame can be costly this type of repair is relatively cheap.

The process for having this done is just as easy as buying a new screen for your home. Follow our enquire page and fill out the prompts selecting repair instead on on-site measure. How easy is that! 

Do we offer Pet Proof Screens?

Yes! Phantom Screens in the USA, considered that not all homes have the same needs. Because of this, we designed a “pet proof screen”, this means the mesh component of the screen is reinforced. Hooray! All of our screens are fit to measure. Meaning we are happy to discuss a screen, with the appropriate pet mesh.

If a zip track model, of our outdoor or indoor screen is chosen. The pet mesh, can then be fitted inside the Cocha screen, and a Rollaway door screen. Because both screens are pulled tight, into the bottom tracks. Our furry counterparts will find it difficult to damage.

NOTE: This does not mean that consistent force, will not eventually cause wear and tear.

Are there other screen options?

The flat meshed screen can be easily replaced. This is a decent alternative for a small saving. It is advised, that this may not stand the test of time, because the screen will need an entire replacement if it is scored.

A pleated door screen is stronger, because it is fabricated with a fibreglass mesh. These pleats make it easily visible for your pets to visually see, meaning the likelihood of unforeseen damage is lower.

Can I have an animal flap installed?

Phantom Screens are unable to offer this at the moment. Our belief is that it risks the integrity and life of your product, and a quality assurance is our priority.

Our Experience

After a seamless installation, a clients well-loved farm dog, ran full pelt into a pleated screen. He bounced off graciously, with no long-term issue to the screen.

Whether you need our maintenance handbook, a friendly chat, to book a repairman or a measurement. We are ALWAYS willing to provide you with support. Contact us today!

Is there a difference between an “Executive” and a “Cocha” outdoor awning screen?

The Executive, and the Cocha screen are both leading products in their field. Below, we have outlined the differences in the components of the two outdoor retractable awnings. For more information on each screen, head on over to our resources page. Alternatively, contact us anytime with your queries!

From a distance, it can be difficult to tell the difference between the two screens. They both have a cassette (roller) at the top, that the mesh rolls away into and tracks down the side.

Phantom’s Executive, is an elegantly refined screen that offers more track, cassette, mesh and accessory options.

Our Cocha, is designed to block the weather, and can be latched down. Giving the Cocha extra strength in higher winds.

The Executive screen is operated by an electric motor, while the Cocha is manually wound up and down with a crank handle.  The Cocha screen, can have a motor as an extra.

When motorised, both screens are operated via remote control or phone app! Multiple screens can be added to either remote, or app.

The Executive screen can be fitted with a sun and wind sensor, that will retract the screen in high winds. The sensor requires its own power supply, where it is mounted. It is also recommended to have the ability to switch the sensor off (isolate), if gusts are causing it to retract unnecessarily. We recommend the phone app, to manually retract the screen remotely if the weather forecast is poor.

Home automation is also a possibility with the Executive screen. This can be done via a 4-core motor, that is wired directly into the home automation system. The screen is then not operated via a remote, and controlled completely via the home automation.

An alternative approach for home automation, is to use a standard motor and add a “dry contact interface”. The dry contact interface, is essentially another remote that is wired into the home automation system (and its own power). The home automation system, sends a signal to the dry contact interface, and the dry contact interface sends a radio signal (like a remote), to the screen. This approach, allows the use of a standard remote for the screen, as well as home automation to control the awning.

The Cocha screen, has one type of mesh designed to specifically block the weather. It comes in a range of colours, but all are 95% closed. It is sturdy and has an element of transparency. Perfect for blocking weather and maintaining privacy!

The Executive screen, does not have the same colour selection as the Cocha (Charcoal or Grey). But it can have mesh that is 50% open that won’t obstruct the view in any way (but will stop insects). The Executive, offers three depths of mesh in 60%, 90% and 95%. This depends on the ratio of visibility and blockage required.

In terms of colour selection. Charcoal or dark colours are much easier for the eye to see through, while enjoying your outdoor area!

The Cocha has a single track option, that can be mounted on the surface (outside of posts), or on the inside (between the posts). It is a large track (80mm), as it is designed to be as robust as possible.

The Executive has a range of tracks. The “Standard” track is for surface mounting, and is 60mm wide. The “Recessed” track is a U channel, like the Cocha- but slightly smaller. It can be recessed into a wall, post or fixed to the outside. The newest track option, for the Executive screen is “Cable Guided”. The track is a self-tensioning cable, fixed from the cassette to a plate mounted on the floor or wall. The screen travels up and down the cable, rather than needing a track.

The cassette (aluminium cover for the roller), looks similar on both screens. The executive has three different sizes, depending on the size of the screen (100mm, 140mm or 180mm). 8m+ wide screens may need to be recessed into the building, and require a 200x300mm cavity for best results.

The Cocha, will typically come with a cassette. But we do have the ability to mount it without any aluminium cover. If this style is preferred.

Cocha Screen Example
Executive Screen Example