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Outdoor Patio Blinds

Incredable Outdoor Blinds & Patio Screen Options

Motorised 100

The Small Executive Motorised Screen: compact ingenuity meeting expansive possibilities for outdoor spaces. Ideal for spans under 3.5 meters wide and heights below 2.5 meters, this refined solution seamlessly integrates sophistication and practicality offering many benefits of the larger screen.

Motorised 140-180

The Executive Screen, a pinnacle of outdoor innovation up to 12m wide or 5m high! This high-end masterpiece blends style and functionality, offering mesh options for insect control or total enclosure. Remote operation and intelligent sensors, it is a new standard for outdoor luxury living.

ZipTrak Manual

Stylish, functional Ziptrak Outdoor Blinds enhance your space year-round. Innovative track-guided system ensures safety and convenience. Spring balanced technology allows easy manual operation pulling them down when needed and easily stowed away when it is time to open up.

Upgrade Your Outdoor Spaces with New Zealand's Best Patio Blinds

Outdoor spaces in New Zealand deserve the very best in protection from unpredictable weather and pesky insects. We’re confident that our range of outdoor blinds is unparalleled in the NZ market.

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Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

We invite you to explore the wealth of information we provide. Take a look at patio blinds installed by Phantom Screens both locally and internationally. Consult with builders and architects, and don’t hesitate to ask questions. Your informed decision matters to us.

Maximise Your Outdoor Experience

Choosing our outdoor blinds to screen your patio or other outdoor areas enhances your outdoor living experience. Embrace a fresh-air lifestyle while staying prepared for New Zealand’s ever-changing weather conditions. Whether you need shade, wind protection, or a barrier against rain and insects, we’ve got you covered.

Quality That Stands the Test of Time

With over twenty years of experience installing retractable screens in New Zealand, we abide by the motto “buy nice or buy twice.” Our high-quality, durable products will provide you with hassle-free outdoor living for years to come.

Customise Your Outdoor Bliss

Our motorised blinds are nothing short of impressive, capable of spanning up to 12 metres with a recessed unit (or 8 metres with a standard unit). Choose from a wide range of mesh options, fabrics, and colours to seamlessly blend with your decor, whether for your home or business.

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Our premium retractable screens for doors, windows and patios are custom designed to make your home more comfortable.

🇳🇿 Fast & Easy Screen Quote Starts Here 🏠

*Check your email for immediate next steps!

Our premium retractable screens for doors, windows and patios are custom designed to make your home more comfortable.
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When she’s not fighting zombies as Lori Grimes in “The Walking Dead“, or escaping fictional prisons in other movies and shows, Sarah Wayne Callies finds a serene and peaceful retreat at home with the help of her outdoor screens, crafted and supplied by our North American colleagues. Learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions About Outdoor Blinds

We do offer clear PVC blinds as an option with our Executive motorised blinds, however, we generally recommend using a weather mesh with small holes. This type of mesh allows for good visibility while providing shelter, and it doesn’t risk mould forming on the plastic or the PVC becoming cloudy over time.

Outdoor patio blinds typically require a square area for installation, but we can accommodate different shapes and sizes by recessing the new outdoor blinds into ceilings and walls, or by using a cable-guided track. Each situation is different, so it’s best to contact us and send some photos of your space. We can then put together a free quote or share our thoughts.

The fabric we use in our patio blinds provides good protection from the sun. Different fabrics available have different levels of UV protection, so we can work with you to choose the best option for your needs.

Phantom Outdoor blinds are a premium product, crafted with superior materials and design, which does come at a higher cost. Retractable outdoor blinds start at $1500-2000 for a smaller opening and $10,000+ for larger recessed models.

However, this investment is worth it for its longevity and durability, resulting in a usable and visually appealing outdoor living area for decades to come.

If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly option, we also offer Cocha outdoor blinds. These may be a more cost-effective choice, particularly if you don’t need a motor and plan to retract them manually.

When visiting for a measure and quote, we bring sample mesh for you to see and touch. Additionally, Visiontex (a key mesh supplier) has created an app that enables users to envision how an Executive screen would look in their space. This app is accessible on both Apple and iOS devices. With the app, you can upload or take a picture of the area you are considering, pick your preferred mesh type (Plus or Ultra) and view (inside or outside), place multiple screens and select the desired colour.

Download the app – Apple OR iOS.

  • The Executive and Cocha screens are both leading products in their field but have different features in design, operation, mesh, and tracks.
  • The Executive offers more custom design options such as different track styles, cassette designs, and accessories. The Cocha is designed to block weather and has darker mesh, wider tracks, and the ability to have freestanding tracks.
  • The Executive screen is operated by an electric motor, which can be integrated with home automation, and has a sensor to automatically retract in high winds. The Cocha screen can be manually operated with a crank handle or have a motor added with a remote function. Both can control multiple screens on one remote or app.
  • The Cocha screen has one type of mesh that is designed to block weather and provide privacy. It comes in different colours but is 95% closed. The Executive screen offers different mesh options of 60%, 90%, and 95% openness that do not obstruct the view, in a range of colours.
  • The Cocha screen has a single, large track option that can be mounted on the surface or inside, while the Executive screen has multiple track options such as standard, recessed “U” channel, or cable-guided tracks.
  • Both screens have similar cassette designs, but the Executive has different sizes, depending on the size of the screen.

Yes, it is possible to use pet mesh instead of insect mesh on the Executive screen, for added durability against pet claws. Additionally, blackout mesh is available but we suggest incorporating some mesh for ventilation to prevent mould growth.

Outdoor motorised blinds are set up with a wiring system, including a “Molex clip,” that allows for them to be connected to a power source, either through a three-point plug or wired directly into a terminal box. Phantom Screens does not provide this service, and it should be done by an electrician prior to installation.

Once installed, it is recommended to perform a factory reset on each screen and add them individually to the remote control. If there are any issues with set-up or operation, customer service can assist with resolving them.

More information on the motors used in motorized screens can be found on the company’s resources page.

An independent solar and battery option is available as an alternative on the Executive screen if required. 

Ziptrak® Outdoor blind can withstand wind speeds of over 82.4km/hr (using aluminium rivets*) and 139km/hr (using stainless steel rivets*).