Outdoor Patio Blinds

Phantom’s world-famous remote-control power screens are fully automated and go further than any other – screening openings up to 12m wide in a single span.

Sizes & mounting

Fits openings up to 12m wide with no seams! The technology and strength is unparalleled. They can be recessed or surface mounted and can be 5m high.

Match your style

Choose from our choice of colours or we can match your decor. The Executive screens add some serious punch to your outdoor environment and living.

Full Warranty

Limited Lifetime Warranty provides homeowners additional peace of mind. We standby the quality of our product and are always available should you need us.

Control Environment

Choose from fabrics, mesh & vinyl that can provide insect protection, solar heat control, natural ventilation, climate control or increase privacy.

Professional Installation

Professionally installed by local experts who know the product and can .will care for you home to ensure you get the most from this incredible accessory.

Automation & controls

Automated controls including sun and wind sensors and home automation integration. Control with wall mounted and handheld remotes, or by smartphone app.

Enjoy your view, shade, shelter or privacy

No matter the application we have the right mesh for the job.

Invisible When Not In Use

The below link downloads a PDF brochure.

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140mm housing is limited to:

  • 3300mm pull length (height) and 6200mm housing size (width) for the Insect Mesh, E-Screen & Solar Mesh
  • 3000mm pull length (height) and 6200mm housing size (width) for the Privacy Mesh & Premium Privacy Mesh

Larger openings require the 180mm housing.


To ensure successful installation and operation it is imperative that measurements to determine offsets, plumb, bob and level are precise. This attention to detail will help prevent the products from being ordered incorrectly and guarantee that all motorised screen openings work and perform to their product specifications. Measuring begins from the start of the proposal process. If blueprints are not available a good amount of the structure to be screened will need to be at a stage where measurements can be taken.

    • The final measure up for the screens should only happen when the finished floor has been completely installed.
    • The exact measurement between the U tracks must be within 2mm as Executive screens are made to order.
    • See Technical information for more details.

The unit is colourmatched to your decor with the Dulux Powder Coat colours. Other colours can be made available on request but additional charges usually apply.

Standard Order

  • Maximum width 8.0m
  • Maximum height 5.0m

Special Order

  • Maximum width 12.0m (single screen)
  • Maximum height 5.0m

The living screens vary greatly in price depending to type, automation, size and mesh. 

2m high x 3m can cost between $1500 and $3300.

Larger 5m high and 8m wide  screens can cost around $7000.

Following the proper handling guidelines and simple maintenance tips listed below will ensure years of worry free service from your new purchase. ensure years of worry free service from your new purchase.

  • When not in use, your Executive Screen should be retracted into its protective housing.
  • Ensure that the tracks are kept free of dirt and debris, which may cause the screen to perform poorly.
  • Mesh fabric, housing, tracks and slide bar can be cleaned with water and a soft brush but not with a pressure cleaner. A mild detergent like dish soap can be used, but do not use chemicals. After cleaning the mesh, allow it to dry before retracting it back up into the housing.
  • It is normal for the mesh to “sail” in certain windy conditions. Executive screens should be retracted in winds in excess of 35kph. Wind load may affect the ability of the unit to extend or retract. The screens should never be used solely for the purpose of a wind break.
  • Executive screens should be watched during operation. Objects left under a motorised unit can prevent the unit from lowering. If this happens, lift the slide bar up manually, remove the obstacle, and lower the slide bar. If it does not extend to a level position, use the remote up button and roll up the mesh until the slide bar is level. Stop the unit, and then lower it.
  • Interruption of power can affect motorised unit operation. Ensure that power is still getting to the unit by checking circuit breakers and ground faults for resetting. Remotes (in wall and handheld) have a limited battery life. If the remote light does not come on when the buttons are depressed, the battery is exhausted.
  • Executive Screens are intended to provide reasonable insect and/or light control and are not intended to provide the retention and/or security of objects, animals, or persons inside or outside your dwelling.
Executive outdoor screen changing executive change 1

The outdoor patio blinds we manufacture are the Fully Motorised Executive Screens. They have a broad range of applications. Depending on the selected mesh type, these retractable outdoor blinds can also help reduce your energy costs. They do this by lowering the amount of energy used to cool or heat the house. Our Executive Screens are so versatile that they fit most standard and oversized applications, providing for ventilation, shade from the sun, protection from pests, and enhanced privacy.

Retrofit or New Build

Phantom’s Executive Screens are designed for integration into large applications for retrofit or new construction projects. They can be mounted on both the interior and exterior of buildings. Executive Screens provide the ideal outdoor blind solution for oversized openings such as patio blinds, alfresco blinds, or PVC Shade blinds over windows. Executive Screens can offer insect protection, or solar shading and enhanced privacy.

All Backed by our Lifetime Limited Warranty




Ideal for both commercial and residential construction projects. The Executive Screen used as outdoor blinds covers all large application types, including:

Executive Screens can be integrated into every type of architectural style including wood, brick, stucco, natural stone, and concrete.


High Visibility Screen

A high visibility insect screen allows for the outside to be easily visible. It is ideal when a view needs to be preserved.

Privacy Screen

The mesh can be used as a privacy layer of the neighbours. There is some visibility unless blackout as a mesh option is selected.

Retractable Screen

It retracts out of the way and you wouldn’t even know it is there as it is seamlessly matched to your decor.

Solar Screen

Screening the direct sun can keeps you cool in summer but the screen also keeps you warm in winter.