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Auckland Insect Screens

The Best Insect Screen Solutions for your Auckland Home

Top quality retractable insect screens are available now

Do it once, do it right

Do you want to enjoy uninterrupted views and natural ventilation for your Auckland home without worrying about pesky bugs? Phantom Screens Auckland has the best quality retractable insect screen solutions you need.

Your screens installed by an aircraft engineer

Meet Ryan Jury, owner of Phantom Screens Auckland, who proudly serves clients in Auckland and Northland by installing and servicing architecturally specified retractable insect screens and outdoor blinds with the greatest level of care and attention.

Ryan relies on the experience he has gained from his 18 years in the military, where he worked as a Royal NZ Airforce aircraft engineer. That precision and attention to detail is what you can expect when choosing Phantom Screens Auckland. His dedication to meticulous workmanship and insistence on superior quality means your installation is done once and done right.

Get in touch with Ryan now if you are looking for an expert installer or advice about our innovative retractable insect screen solutions. Customers in Auckland and Northland can trust in receiving the highest quality work from Ryan on window screens, pleated door screens, retractable insect screens and outdoor blinds. Give him a call today!

Trusted and architecturally specified

Renowned world-wide and trusted for more than three decades, discerning customers choose Phantom Screens for screening a wide range of architectural openings such as bi-folding panels, French doors, windows and sliding panels. When aesthetics and quality matters, Phantom Screens delivers in spades.

Our fully retractable insect screens are ideal for inclusion at the design stage or can be retrofitted to any suitable opening. Easy to operate with just one touch, Phantom Screens’ unique technology allows your screens and blinds to move smoothly across the opening. When not in use, the screen retracts discreetly into the frame.

Make the most of summer living

Relaxing in your Auckland home is so much easier with Phantom Screens. You can leave your doors and windows open longer and get the best of the outside air while staying free of insects and protected from the glare of the sun.

Phantom Screens Auckland offers the best retractable insect and fly screens for doors and retractable insect and fly screens for windows available in New Zealand today. We are the industry leader when it comes to quality of materials, design, durability, appearance and service.

Durable mesh, versatile installation options, intelligent design and thorough testing make our insect screens a vital addition to your summer lifestyle. Your retractable screens will be custom made and installed by Phantom Screens Auckland’s owner Ryan Jury, and our extensive warranty guarantees that your screen withstands the test of time.

Home Comfort

Let the outdoors in.

Outdoor Comfort

Let the indoors out.

Door Screens

Phantom’s retractable screens are durable, easy to use, run smoothly for easy access from your outdoor to indoor living spaces, and they disappear out of sight when they are not in use.

A popular solution we provide is a retractable screen door that fits inside your door frame. The retractable door screen is fitted with fly screen mesh in a powder coated aluminium frame to match your decor.

Our top-quality insect screens will fit all door types including single, double, French doors, bifold doors, stacker sliders and patio slider doors. The wide range of colour and finish choices allows them to blend in seamlessly with the architectural style of your Auckland home.

Phantom Screens windows serene

Window Screens

Unlike conventional fixed insect screens or products of less quality, Phantom’s window screens do not obstruct your view and conveniently retract out-of-sight when you don’t need them.

Providing shading, enhanced privacy and protection from insects while maintaining your views, our retractable window screens are a perfect fit for most window types. By choosing Phantom Screens Auckland, the work will be done professionally, discreetly and beautifully.

The retractable insect screen we have named the Serene Screen is without doubt the market leader in terms of quality, longevity and elegance. Magnetic window screens are also available as a cost-effective alternative for protecting your Auckland home from bugs.

Outdoor Blinds

Screening your outdoor area with outdoor blinds greatly maximises your outdoor living experience. Phantom’s outdoor screens are so versatile, they fit most standard and oversized applications.

Our award-winning retractable outdoor screens, also known as al fresco screens or patio blinds, are a popular choice in Auckland as they are amazing weather breaks and provide ventilation, privacy, protection from pests and shading from the sun.

Our bestseller, the motorised Executive living screen, spans openings up to 12m with a recessed unit (8m standard unit), but other outdoor screen types are also available. We offer a wide range of mesh options and colours to match your decor and outlook.

Insect Screens & Retractable Screen Reviews for Auckland

What our clients say...

From the beach to the city, many Auckland homeowners have completed their homes to great satisfaction with Phantom retractable insect screens. Here is some of the feedback we have received from happy customers.

Hi Mark I want to say thanks also for your great service and your expertise throughout, I know our installation wasn’t the most straight forward you’ll get, but the result is worth it. You were one of the relieving, reassuring suppliers to deal with in this project.
Pt Chevalier
Thanks Mark, The product is fantastic, we cannot be more pleased. Happy to recommend to any of our friends that discuss them with us. Cheers
Jackie and Bill
Hi Mark, Last night the cat did a full speed crash into the screen door and no damage! Ya!
Mt Eden
Great products and Mark is easy and friendly to work with. I highly recommend him and Phantom Screens.
Art Nahill
Mark is great and the screens are awesome, so easy to use, so efficient.
Margaret J Mohamed
Hi Mark, Thank you very much for the service you provided. I was very happy with the promptness and the professionalism of your service. I am certainly recommending you to friends of mine. Many thanks
Hi Mark, Thanks so much for a speedy & efficient job, the screens look fantastic, especially the kitchen one. I've just paid the balance. Talk to you next time we need to replace one of our other screens! Cheers,
Hi Mark Thanks for installing the screens. I've been using them a ton already. Even now it's very nice to be able to keep the sliding door open without having to worry about uninvited guests. My only regret is that I didn't ask you to install screens on the two little windows next to the sliding door so at some point I would like to get them done too.
Hi Mark I LOVE my phantom screens ! I researched many before choosing phantom ! I am soooo glad I did. Mark was great to deal with and the quality of the product is exceptional ! They look classy . Exceeded our expectations. Thank you
Muriwai Beach

Stylish, durable and easy to operate

Fly screens offer an effective and proven method of keeping away insects, making sure you stay nuisance free and comfortable at your Auckland home while enjoying the views and fresh air from outside. Phantom retractable insect screens are durable, elegant, simple to operate and blend with any architectural style.

With products that are not comparable to any other, Phantom Screens Auckland are the best you will find the market. We can custom match the colour of your existing doors and windows with top quality mesh insect screens for bug protection, shade, and privacy. Auckland homeowners can trust that we stand behind our products as we deliver ongoing service and a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

When you choose Phantom Screens Auckland, we support you with a five-year warranty for additional peace of mind.

Professional Installation

The installation by a professional local expert will help you get the most out of your insect screens and living environment.

Control Environment

Enjoy the best of the outdoors by keeping doors and windows open to let in a breeze while keeping unwanted pests out.

Span Huge Openings

The industry’s best engineering allowing for screens with large spans that fit across most doors, windows and outdoor areas.

Custom Coloured Tracks

Weatherproof, durable and available in a wide range of colours, we can custom-match the colour of your joinery or style.

Solid Mesh Retention

Phantom Screen’s insect mesh is highly durable, and elegantly and discretely disappears into a cassette when not in use.

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