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What power do the motorised outdoor blinds need?

Outdoor motorised blinds, are set up with a “molex clip” on the end of a wiring system. So, this is ready for the electrician to then cut off, and do either:

  • Add a three point plug; or
  • Wire it directly into a terminal box

Both options are viable. But, our recommendation is too have a three point plug installed. To isolate, the screens functionality when multiple screens are installed, for one remote.

Phantom Screens, will not organise an electrician. This must be organised prior to installation. We recommend, the electrician arrive the day after the screens have been completed. Our installer will take you through how to use your screens, at your property. But, if you are finding it difficult to adjust them, after the electrician has done the “mains”. Give us a call, and we will send someone out to re-configure them.

Tips on how to set your screen:

  • Set the screens back to factory reset
  • Factory reset is found, on the cassette part of the screen
  • Do this one screen at a time. This is so the remote picks up on each screen
  • Once you have factory reset the first screen. Add the screen via the remote to one of your buttons
  • And the process continues

If you have done these steps, or it’s a headache, and the screens are still not working. Contact us, and we will send an installer over, to go through this with you.

The quicker you organise to have the power set up, for each of your screens. The quicker, we can get them working simultaneously.

For more details, on the motors used in our motorised outdoor screens. Check our resources page.
Follow the link, for more details about a molex clip.
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