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What is the process in getting a insect screen in NZ?

Getting an insect screen from Phantom could not be any easier. From an on-site measure, to quote to the installation.

The Process:

Enquiry Submitted

This is one of the most important stages for you, the customer. Because, we need to provide our measurement expert and office with as much information, as possible. Such as, all your contact details, especially your email address. Since, all communication is done via email and phone. The quote and updates of your products, will be sent via email.

The next most vital information, to be provided to us is what exactly you require. Is it six windows? 3 doors? an outdoor patio or pergola? by providing as much detail as possible. You are giving our measurement guy the ability, to be methodical and concise prior to arriving at your property. 

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Phase 1 – Onsite measure

Regardless, of whether you provide us with measurements. We will still require a property visit. Thus, ensuring we are providing you with all the products in the right places. And it gives you the opportunity to ask any questions, prior to deciding on what your home or project requires. 

The appointment, once scheduled will be emailed to you. Our Phantom expert will be measuring more than one property on the day. So providing an exact time of arrival, is unlikely as this is subject to change. However, the measurer will call you prior to arriving at your property. 

The appointment can range from anywhere between half an hour to an hour. Again, depending on the requirements outlined by you.

Phase 2 – Quote Provided

Once our expert has completed the measure appointment at your home. A form is submitted by them on the day. This is received within minutes by our office who get to work on your quote within the hour.  

You will receive your personalised quote by the end of the day. If not early the next morning.

Phase 3 – Quote approval

All our Quotes are interactive. Consequently, if there is an item on the quote you have decided against please “uncheck” the box beside that item. This will automatically not be charged to you.

Once you have approved the Quote, our system automatically communicates this with our office. The office will order your required items for manufacture in our depot or Australian factory.

Phase 4 – Production

Our products are assembled and powder-coated here in Tauranga, New Zealand. Some of our products may require parts to be ordered from our factory in Australia. The turn around with all this considered is approximately four-eight weeks. We work closely with small businesses within our area to ensure a quicker process. The timeline for these efforts may reduce or extend this timeframe. 

Phase 5 – Installation

At this stage, our email communication has kept you in the loop. the entire time about the completion rate of your screens.

Once our depot has ticked complete on your entire order. The office will book your installation in, for the next available time slot. Phantom Screens allow a week, for you to be prepared in having our specialised tradesmen in your home. 

If the booking day provided doesn’t work in well with your prior commitments our office is happy to finalise a date that does. 

At this current time, our dedicated suppliers and staff are working over-time, to ensure your products reach your home within a timeframe that still ensures a quality screen. In saying that, we have had longer turn around’s in the past and present. But, we do keep you well-informed at every stage of the process.


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Process of insect screen
Insect screen Process

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