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Is there a difference between an “Executive” and a “Cocha” outdoor awning screen?

The Executive, and the Cocha screen are both leading products in their field. To determine the differences is done by design, operation, mesh and tracks. 

For more information on each screen, head on over to our resources pageAlternatively, contact us anytime with your queries. To view this product in action. Click HERE

The main differences between the retractable awnings are outlined below.

For the top of both an Executive and Cocha, The components are very similar. They both feature a cassette (roller), and tracks down either side. Dependent on how you would like this installed (i.e. recessed, face fit, outside fit or between posts).

Phantom’s Executive, offer more custom design options, which range from track style, cassette, darker and lighter mesh and accessories.

The Cocha, is made to block weather. The screen is latched down, creating extra strength, in higher winds. The design elements are, darker mesh, wider tracks and the capability to have either tracks free standing.

The Executive screen, is operated by an electric motor. So you can choose, to wire it directly into your home automation. To have a remote, or simply download the app. An Executive screen, can be fitted with a sensor to retract the screen, in high winds. The sensor requires its own power supply, where it is mounted. 

A Cocha, can either be manually wound up, and down with a crank handle. Or have a motor added, with a remote function.

Both an Executive and a Cocha, have the ability to control multiple screens on the same remote, or app. It is recommended, to have the ability to switch the sensor off (isolate), If wind gusts are causing it to retract, unnecessarily. The phone app is perfect, for manually retracting the screen remotely. If the weather forecast is poor, or you have forgotten to close it.

With the Executive screen, home automation is done via installing a 4-core motor. The motor is wired, directly into the home automation system. So, the screen is controlled completely, via the home automation.

A standard motor can be used for home automation by adding, a “dry contact interface”. The interface, is essentially another remote, that is wired directly into the homes automation. The home automation system, sends a signal to the dry contact interface, and the interface sends a radio signal (like a remote), to the screen. This approach, allows the use of a standard remote for the screen, as well as home automation to control the awning

The Cocha screen, has one type of mesh. This is designed to specifically, block the weather and provide privacy. It comes in a range of colours, but all are 95% closed. A Cocha, is sturdy and has an element of transparency. 

An Executive screen, does not have the same colour selection. But, it offers 50% open mesh, that won’t obstruct the view. The Executive, offers three depths of mesh in 60%, 90% and 95%. This depends on the ratio of visibility, and blockage required.

In terms of colour selection. We advise Charcoal or dark colours, because it is easier for the eye to see through.

The Cocha, has a single track option. Which can be mounted on the surface, (outside of the decks posts), or on the inside (between the decks posts). It is a large track (80mm). Because, it is designed to be as robust as possible.

An Executive has three types of track. The “Standard” track is for surface mounting, and is 60mm wide. A recessed “U” channel track, which is slightly smaller. It can be fixed into a wall, post or on the outside. Or the newly designed “cable guided” track. A cable guided track is a self-tensioning cable. Which runs from the cassette to a plate mounted on the floor or wall, called anchors. The screen travels up and down the cable, rather than needing an aluminium track.

For both screens, the cassette (aluminium cover for the roller), looks similar. 

The Executive has three different sizes, depending on the size of the screen (100mm, 140mm or 180mm). 8m+ wide screens, may need to be recessed into the building. This will require a 200mmx300mm cavity, for best results.

A Cocha, will typically come with a cassette. But, we can mount it, without any aluminium cover. If this style is preferred.

Cocha screen
Cocha Screen Example
Executive screen
Executive Screen Example

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