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What is a High Visibility Fly Screen?

High visibility screen refers too, easily viewing your property from the inside.  While it is easy to see through, it must also be closed enough to prevent insects, from coming into the home. 

A high visibility screen mesh is at 90%. This means that you must choose a darker colour that has larger “gaps”. The reason a darker mesh is recommended, is because it is easier on the eyes during the summer months, when light reflection is at its peak. That being said, it is also easier for glare purposes, in the winter time.

Phantom screens recommend, installing a highly visible screen, in scenic areas of your home. For example, the kitchen window, that overlooks your property. Or the master bedroom, with the view of the lake. There are options for all parts, of your home.

For privacy, we believe that it is best to have, smaller gapped mesh. This could be for a lounge, that is visible from the roadside. Or a spare room, seen into by neighbours. Not every screen in your home, has to have the same mesh. So think about the layout of your property. What you do, and don’t want to see, or be seen doing. All of our screens are manufactured, using the highest quality components. Every screen fits effortlessly, into your joinery, and is colour matched to your homes decor. 

The image below, is an example of our rollaway screen. This is a clear of example, of a customer who wanted to stop insects, but preserve their view. All Phantom Screens have a selection of mesh options for you to choose from, that are higher or lower in visibility. Ask to see your options when an on-site measure takes place.

To view a screen that is rated, our most popular, in visibility. Click Here!

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