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What if we decide to wait a year?

If you decide to wait. You risk an increase in quote price due to supplier increases in transport, materials and the like. Decisions like these do take time. Obviously your windows, doors or outside spaces will not change in measurement. Because of this, if your original quote hasn’t been automatically archived due to our system structure, we are happy to use these measurements to go forward in the process. Additionally, we will confirm that this is okay to do with you and that you truly do not want another measure to take place. This slight change in our process has been done in the past. 

The question really is: How long is too long?

In our experience wait times for product arrivals vary, seasons come and go and the pressure to have your home circulate fresh air is important. Following on, Insects do not cease to exist so it is about getting in while the cooler months are around. We recommend, looking through our website with a fine tooth comb in order to truly understand, what screen might best work for your home.

Why choose Phantom screens?

In terms of quality, service and fit our screens are always measured to meet your needs. Not only are they measured by professionals but installed by professionals, this guarantees a longer warranty for your peace of mind. 

Will we honor our product warranty?

This is an integral part of owning our products and the peace of mind our clients pay for. All warranties guarantee the benefit of expert maintenance advice, a brand you can rely on, repairmen who specialise in maintaining our products and the benefit of becoming a valued member of the Phantom Family.


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Deciding on an insect screen

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