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What are Retractable Solar Screens?

Phantom Screens has a premium range of solar screens that can also keep the annoying bugs out of your home. In addition to protecting you from the elements.

Screening the direct sun can keep you cool in summer, but warm in winter. Due to years of experience, Phantom was able to develop a mesh that did just that. 

Solar for our screens means the protection provided by the screen not as a means of powering your screen. In saying that, if your home relies on solar energy that these screens couldn’t derive power from this method.

Our experts know the best solution for your home and our products are higher in quality, look better and last longer than other options. The component that helps with shielding is the mesh. As discussed in our blog posts, it is all down to the mesh!

The best part is when the screen is not in use, it retracts out of the way and you wouldn’t even know it is there. It seamlessly matches your decor.

For video viewing, click the links below:

– Rollaway window screen

– Executive screen

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Executive Screen

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