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What are “Pull Down” Insect Screens?

Phantom Screens, beautifully designed a pull down insect screen. That let the breeze in, but keep the insects out. The word “pull down”, refers to the motion of using the screen itself.

Pull down insect screens retract out of the way when not in use. It is the name given to a screen that rolls away on a horizontal bar at the top of the opening. So to pull down the screen is the action required to close the screen.

The rollaway screen has a cassette at the top, and tracks down the side. Essentially, all the mechanics of the screen are inside the cassette at the top. The tracks down each side of the window joinery is to ensure the insect mesh and bottom bar do not come loose, or leave gaps for critters to get in and around. 

Every screen for every opening is meshed with high-quality material. So you still have your view and fresh air. All with your windows open!

Each pull down screen in your home is measured, powder-coated and assembled to the exact needs of the opening that is being screened. 

Enjoy the best of the outdoors (fresh air, the view, sounds of nature) without letting the flies, bees, wasps and mosquitos in. Phantom screen products are an extraordinary accessory for your home and lifestyle.

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