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Ryan Jury: Auckland & Northland’s Trusted Phantom Screens Dealer


Welcome to our blog post featuring Ryan Jury, the esteemed Phantom Screens dealer for Auckland and Northland. In this post, we will take a moment to introduce Ryan and discuss his unwavering commitment to quality. As a veteran with 18 years of experience as an aircraft engineer in the military, Ryan understands the importance of doing things right. Join us as we delve into the remarkable durability of Phantom Screens, their international reputation, and Ryan’s dedication to providing superior service. If you’re in need of expertly installed insect screens that will stand the test of time, Ryan is the professional to contact.

Introducing Ryan Jury:

Say hello to Ryan Jury, your trusted dealer of Phantom Screens in Auckland and Northland. With a passion for delivering exceptional home improvement solutions, Ryan goes above and beyond to ensure client satisfaction. Based in Helensville, Ryan serves the Auckland and Northern regions, providing expert advice and personalized solutions. Notably, Ryan’s expertise extends beyond residential projects, as he actively engages in architectural specified work for renowned Auckland architectural firms. Additionally, Ryan recognizes the underserviced nature of Northland and willingly dedicates time and travel to cater to customers in that region.

Embracing Quality and Durability:

Ryan Jury firmly believes in the enduring quality of Phantom Screens. Having witnessed firsthand the consequences of subpar products, Ryan is dedicated to offering only the best to his clients. He refuses to compromise on quality, knowing that a failed installation can lead to unnecessary hassle and inconvenience. With over 20 years of experience servicing Phantom Screens installed in various homes, Ryan proudly confirms the continued satisfaction of his clients. These durable screens have withstood the test of time, providing reliable insect protection and enhancing the comfort of countless households.

Phantom Screens: A Legacy of Excellence:

For over three decades, Phantom Screens has established itself as an international leader in the industry. Specialising in retractable insect screens for windows, retractable insect screens for doors and outdoor blinds, Phantom Screens has consistently delivered outstanding products that combine innovation and functionality. With a reputation built on quality and reliability, the company has garnered the trust of homeowners and businesses worldwide. Ryan Jury, as Auckland and Northland’s trusted dealer, is backed by this illustrious legacy, providing you with peace of mind and assurance that you’re choosing products of the highest caliber.

Exceptional Service and Expertise:

Ryan Jury’s commitment to excellence extends beyond the installation process. He takes pride in providing unparalleled service, ensuring that each customer’s unique needs are met with precision and care. His expertise and attention to detail have made him a sought-after professional in the industry. Architects in Auckland frequently engage Ryan for architectural specified work, recognising his ability to deliver exceptional results that align with their vision. Furthermore, Ryan’s dedication to serving the underserviced Northland region showcases his commitment to ensuring that customers receive the same level of expertise and care, regardless of their location.


In conclusion, Ryan Jury stands as Auckland and Northland’s trusted dealer for Phantom Screens, offering unparalleled quality, exceptional service, and a wealth of expertise. With his background in aircraft engineering and dedication to doing things right, Ryan ensures that every installation is of the highest standard. Whether you’re in need of insect screens for your home or seeking architectural specified work, Ryan is your go-to professional. Contact him today and experience the enduring quality and superior service that Phantom Screens and Ryan Jury have to offer.


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