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Introduce luxury and functionality to your home with the Phantom Rollaway Wall Screen – the original and best fully retractable, custom-made door screen fro large openings. Enjoy the fresh air and natural light while keeping pesky insects out with our retractable door screens. When not in use, they disappear out of sight, preserving the look of your doorways.

The Wall Screen includes a zip track for mesh retention that can also be fitted with pet mesh, making it perfect for keeping pets inside or outside of the home and can span up to 3.5m (7m with a double screen).

Our screens are professionally installed to fit all types of doors including in-swing, out-swing, single, bifold, double stacker and slider doors. The screens feature an innovative design that fastens securely with its built-in latch system. The custom mesh retention system ensures durability and insect protection for decades to come. 

Control your environment with a variety of fabrics and mesh options that provide insect or pet protection, solar heat control, natural ventilation, climate control or increased privacy. Our retractable screens are backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty, providing you with peace of mind.

Match your decor and style with our range of colours or we can custom match to your existing decor. Contact us today to learn more about how Phantom Rollaway Wall Screens can enhance your indoor-outdoor living space.

Add the perfect blend of style and functionality to your home with the Phantom Door Screen, the original and best fully retractable custom door screen.

Invisible When Not In Use

Screen Door Latches

Our Phantom Wall screen is designed to withstand the breeze with its zip lock top and bottom feature. It’s also the only retractable door screen with an integrated latch and release handle, making it easy and quiet to use.

The latest release in the handle allows it to be locked from the inside for extra piece of mind.




$1745.91$2577.85 excl. GST

Enter height & width values for a price.
The maximum span for insect mesh in a single screen is 3.6m (non-insect mesh is 3.0m).
The maximum height is 3.0m.

  • Height * 

  • Width * 

  • Handle Height * 

  • Location * 

Product Description

Options Explained

Colour: There is a limited colour selection but custom colours are available at an extra cost.

Mesh: See the mesh document in the resources. Pet mesh is a good option for the Wall Screen.

Track: See Wall Screen specification documentation below for details on track options. If face-fit isn’t possible for the top track, consider an aluminium TAC Track Mount from the parts and accessories.

Option: This is about the screw through the housing at the top and bottom cap. The surface option screws through the housing from the front of the screen and protrudes out the back of the housing to fix the screen. The inside option screws through the side of the housing from the inside of the screen and protrudes out through the side of the housing to fix the screen.

Housing: This is the side of the roller when looking at the screen with the roller (housing) protruding towards you. In the product image, the housing is on the “right”.

Location: This is a reference field. e.g Dining Double Stacker

Width: The exact mm measurement. This can be cut down on-site if needed but is difficult.

Height: The exact mm measurement. This isn’t possible to alter.

Handle Height: This is the exact mm measurement from the bottom of the screen to the bottom of the handle.

The Wall screen is an excellent insect screen solution for stacker doors and bi-fold doors.

Additional Information

Height Band


Width Band

1200, 1800, 2400, 3000, 3600, 3650


Almond (close match), Anotec Mid Bronze, Appliance White, Arctic White, Bond Rivergum (close match), Bone White (close match), Bronco (close match), Canvas Cloth (close match), Charcoal, Cola Red (close match), Custom (Surcharge), Desert Sand (close match), Flaxpod, Flint (close match), Ghost Grey (close match), Gravel/Windsor Grey (close match), Grey Friars (close match), Gull Grey (close match), Ironsand (close match), Karaka/Rangoon Green (close match), Kauri (close match), Lichen (close match), Lignite (close match), Magnolia, Matt Black, Metro Coal Dust Kinetic (close match), Metro Electric Cow Kinetic (close match), Metro Silver Pearl Kinetic (close match), Mid Grey (close match), Mineral Brown Kinetic (close match), Mist Green (close match), Navy (close match), New Denim Blue (Close Match), O'Keefe Grey (close match), Off White, Okarito (close match), Olive (close match), Palladium Silver Kinetic (close match), Permanent Green (close match), Pioneer Red (close match), Pure White (close match), Rivergum Beige (close match), Sandstone Grey (close match), Satin Black, Scoria/Pioneer Red (close match), Silver Pearl Kinetic (close match), Silver Star Kinetic (close match), Slate Blue (close match), Storm Blue (close match), Thunder Grey (close match), Titania, Warm White Pearl Kenetic (close match), Wedgewood, Window Bronze Kinetic (close match), Wizard (close match), Woodwind (close match)


E-Screen 10% Charcoal [E-SCREEN], E-Screen 10% Charcoal/Grey [E-SCREEN], E-Screen 10% White [E-SCREEN], E-Screen 6% Midnight [E-SCREEN], E-Screen 6% Midnight/Storm [E-SCREEN], E-Screen 6% White [E-SCREEN], INS1814 Charcoal [INS], INS1814 Silver Grey [INS], Petscreen Lite (Charcoal) [PET], Sunblock (Charcoal) [SOL]


Recessed (Bottom Track), Standard (Bottom Track)


Latch Stop Back Of Sidebar, Latch Stop Front Of Sidebar, No Latch Stop


Left Side (Face Screw), Left Side (Reveal Screw), Right Side (Face Screw), Right Side (Reveal Screw)

Mesh Type


Home Comfort

Let the outdoors in.

Outdoor Comfort

Let the indoors out.

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