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Serene Window Screen

Introducing Phantom’s Serene: The Ultimate Insect Screen (or full blockout) Solution for Windows

Experience the luxury of uninterrupted views and natural ventilation, free from annoying insects. Phantom’s Serene retractable window screens are ingeniously designed to disappear when not in use, blending seamlessly into your home’s aesthetic.

Why Choose Serene?

  • Professionally installed by local experts
  • Built-in catches for effortless use
  • Wide range of fabrics and mesh options
  • Compatible with most window types
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Custom colours and mesh
  • Child-safe design with no dangling cords
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Uncompromising Design

Say goodbye to magnets and magnetic profiles or unnecessary and unsightly plastic pieces. The Serene features built-in catches in the tracks’ bottom, ensuring the screen stays in place without external fixtures. Its uniquely elegant and discreet design complements any home decor.

Control Your Environment

Personalise your living space by choosing from a wide range of fabrics and mesh types, including options for insect protection, solar heat control, natural ventilation, and privacy. Our screens fit nearly all window styles, from casement and awning to sliding and tilt & turn windows.

Unparalleled Quality

Installed by local experts, the Serene screens come with a limited lifetime warranty for added peace of mind. Customise the screen colour to match your existing windows, ensuring a cohesive look throughout your home.

Child-Safe and Functional

Our Serene screens are designed for everyone in the family. With no cords or dangling strings, they are completely child-safe. Plus, our innovative mesh retention system prevents the screen from being blown out of its tracks in light breezy conditions.

Transform Your Home Today

The Serene retractable insect screen is the most practical and beautiful addition you can make to your home windows. Don’t wait—enhance the beauty and functionality of your home with Phantom’s Serene screens.

$348.50$1097.14 excl. GST

Enter height & width values for a price.
Maximum height for non-insect mesh is 2.0 m.
Minimum Serene width is 350 mm.

  • Height * 

  • Width * 

  • Location * 

Product Description

All Serene Unit Pricing Includes One Complete Housing, One Slide Bar & Two Small or Standard Serene Tracks.

Options Explained

Colour: The Dulux powder-coating range is used to powder-coat aluminium extrusions for constructing the Serene screen.

Mesh: See the mesh document in the resources. Charcoal insect mesh is the recommended option for Serene screens in 95% of cases.

Track: Avoid the use of small tracks wherever possible. Tracks contain a brush to prevent blowout. Add 35mm to your width measurement if one side of the screen is to be face-fit to a mullion. 70mm if both tracks will be face-fit.

Option: The bottom bar (B in the diagram) has some brush to help create a seal. It can be on the back of the screen if the back of the bar will meet a surface or on the bottom if the screen will be pulled down to a surface like a window jam.

Location: This is a reference field. e.g Kitchen

Width: The exact mm measurement (C in the diagram)

Height: The exact mm measurement (A in the diagram). Some height will be added to the screen during manufacturing so it can be cut exactly to size during install.

For more details on the Serene retractable window screen and alternative options see the window screen page. We do not recommend this product for DIY installations. Contact a nearby dealer to have the widow screen properly installed for a permanent and elegant solution to keeping the insects out.

Additional Information

Height Band

1000, 1250, 1500, 1750, 2000, 2200

Width Band

750, 1000, 1250, 1500, 1750, 2000, 2250, 2500


AG Arctic White, AG Black, Almond, Anotec® Mid Bronze, Appliance White, Arctic White, Black, Black Ace, Black Hammertone, Black Ripple Satin, Black Sand Texture, Black Sarouk, Bond Rivergum, Bone White, Bright Gold Pearl, Bright Red, Brilliance, Bronco, Bronze Copper Pearl, Burnished Copper, Canvas Cloth, Champagne, Champagne Kinetic, Charcoal, Clean Linen, Clough Safety Yellow, Coin, Cola Red, Copper Metallic Kinetic, Copper Pearl, Cream, Cream Ripple, Custom, Dark Bronze, Desert Sand, Flame, Flame Red, Flat White, Flaxpod, FlaxPod®, Flint, French Blue, Fresh Gold, Ghost Grey, Graphite Ripple, Graphite Sarouk, Gravel, Grey Friars, Grey Hammer, Gull Grey, Gunmetal Metallic Kinetic, Gunmetal Metallic Kinetic®, High Gloss Black, Ironsand, Karaka, Kauri, Leaf, Lichen, Lignite, Magnolia, Mannex Appliance White, Mannex Black, Mannex Charcoal, Mannex Grey Friars, Mannex Ironsand, Mannex Metro Silver Pearl, Mannex Sandstone Grey, Mannex Titania, Mannex® NZ Bright Silver, Mannex® White Matt, Medium Bronze, Metro Coal Dust Kinetic®, Metro Electric Cow Kinetic®, Metro Silver Pearl, Metro Silver Pearl Kinetic®, Metro Warm White Pearl Kinetic, Metro Warm White Pearl Kinetic®, Metropolis Coal Dust Kinetic, Metropolis Electric Cow Kinetic, Metropolis Silver Pearl Kinetic, Mid Grey, Mineral Brown Kinetic®, Mist Green, Mistletoe, Moonlight, Navy, New Denim Blue, NZ Bright Silver Kinetic, O'Keefe Grey, Off White, Okarito, Olive, Orange X15, Palladium Silver Kinetic®, Pearl White, Permanent Green, Pewter Pearl, Pioneer Red, Pommel Blue, Prosecco Pearl, Pure White, Rangoon Green, Reef, Rivergum Beige, Royal Blue, Sandstone Grey, Schweppes Yellow, Scoria, Sensational Champagne, Signal Red, Silver, Silver 2K Kinetic, Silver Pearl Kinetic®, Silver Quill, Silver Star Kinetic, Silver Star Kinetic®, Sky, Slate Blue, Space Blue, Storm Blue, Sunshine, Thunder Grey, Tingle Gloss, Titania, Venerable Silver, Warm White Pearl, Warm White Pearl Kinetic®, Wedgewood, White, Window Bronze Kinetic, Window Bronze Kinetic®, Windsor Grey, Wizard, Woodwind, Yellow Gold


100% Blockout [BLOCKOUT], E-Screen 10% Charcoal [E-SCREEN], E-Screen 10% Charcoal/Grey [E-SCREEN], E-Screen 10% White [E-SCREEN], E-Screen 6% Midnight [E-SCREEN], E-Screen 6% Midnight/Storm [E-SCREEN], E-Screen 6% White [E-SCREEN], INS1814 Charcoal [INS], INS1814 Silver Grey [INS], Sunblock (Charcoal) [SOL], Vibe Blockout [PREM-PRIV]


Small (23mm), Standard (35mm)


Felt Back, Felt Bottom

Mesh Type


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