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Magnetic Window Screen

Magnetic Insect Screen Installation Options

Option 1: Professional Installation (Safest)

Professionally installed by local experts who know the product and how to best install them. Remove any risk of measuring errors and poor installation. Book a measure and quote with a local Phantom Dealer to take the hassle out of bug free living.

Option 2: D.I.Y Installation (Cheapest)

Order custom made high quality magnetic screens the professionals use. The installation process is relatively straightforward but make sure you measure to the millimetre and clean the joinery. See the important information and FAQ.

Option 3: Serene Screen Quote (non-magnetic)

Looking for a forever-lasting, non-magnetic retractable insect screen made from powder-coated aluminum? While not as cost-effective as a magnetic, the Serene Retractable Window Screen is unmatched in both elegance and quality.

Finally you can DIY install the same quality screens the professionals use.

DIY high-quality magnetic screens without installation charges. There is no need to settle for cheap, poor-quality, imported, and short-lived insect screens.
Custom Made

Professional Grade Magnetic Insect Screens for DIY or Professional Install!

Introducing the highest quality Magnetic Fly screen on the NZ market; the ultimate solution for keeping those pesky and annoying insects out of your house. This product is not only versatile but also economical, making it an ideal window insect screen

The Magnetic Flyscreen has been uniquely designed to ensure that it forms a complete seal around windows and smaller openings, thus effectively blocking out flies and other insects. These screens boast a magnetic design which allows for easy installation and removal and various colours to ensure a seamless look and feel. 

Although not as elegant as other window screen options like the Serene retractable screens, the Magnetic Flyscreen remains a popular and reliable option for kiwi homeowners who are looking for an affordable and reliable insect barrier. It can easily be installed as a DIY project or by booking a professional home survey. This product is sure to leave your home bug-free and ultra-comfortable.

Fun Fact: Magnetic Insect Screens were invented in New Zealand (Magicseal)! Amidst the influx of inferior imitations, we proudly maintain our commitment to local manufacturing, ensuring unmatched, enduring quality in every screen we produce.

Frequently Asked Magnetic Screen Questions:

How do I get the magnets to stick properly and permanently?

It is extremely important to wipe the joinery and surface down with alcohol and a rag before sticking the magnetic strip to the joinery. Then apply pressure up and down the magnet, possibly using the rag to push against.

We would typically use some plastic angles with double sided tape to create a surface for the magnetic screen base magnet to stick to. This is a relatively simple process when shown how but please email us a photo of your window so we can better share our thoughts.

We understand the frustration of incorrectly measured screens, but unfortunately, our screens are designed specifically for the size of your window. Altering them can significantly diminish their lifespan. We apologise that we are unable to provide compensation in this situation.

Enter the width and height in mm below for a price for the magnetic insect screen. Depending on the size, they may cost between $150-250 per screen. Make sure you use the selfinstall coupon code for a further discount if you are DIY installing your magnetic insect screen.

Best to send us a photo first so we can advise on your specific situation. However, if you can’t, bring the bottom magnetic screen border past the latches on the bottom so it will go over them. Otherwise, you will need to cut snippets out of the magnet.

$176.50$257.82 excl. GST

Please read important information and FAQ.

If you have any questions or concerns, email us a photo for our feedback and comments.

Use selfinstall as a coupon code at checkout for a 10% discount on the order.

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Product Description

Options Explained

Colour: The colour of the screen frame is limited to the available plastics. Painting the frame may not be a long-term solution for aesthetics, but we can supply cans of colour if desired.

Width: The width of the screen is measured from the outside edge to the outside edge. The magnetic/frame is 13mm wide. If you measure the daylight opening of the window, add the width of the frame (2 x 13 mm) so the magnets are not over the opening.

Height: The height of the screen is measured from the top edge to the bottom edge of the screen. The magnetic/frame is 13mm wide. If you measure the daylight opening of the window, add the width of the frame (2 x 13 mm) so the magnets are not over the opening.

Magnetic insect screens are a great option for an insect screen for a window but also take a look at the retractable Serene screen.

Additional Information

Height Band

1000, 1500, 2000

Width Band

1000, 1500, 2000


Black (Original Plastic), Brown (Original Plastic), Custom (Painted, surcharge), Grey (Original Plastic), Ironsand (Original Plastic), Off White (Original Plastic), Titania (Original Plastic), White (Original Plastic)

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