Executive Motorised Screen (140-180mm Housing)

Introducing the Fully Motorised Executive Screens – the ultimate solution for enhancing your indoor and outdoor living spaces. These screens are designed to provide you with all the benefits of fresh air, shade, climate control, and protection from insects, all at the touch of a button.

The Executive Screens are designed to span up to 12 metres wide x 5 metres high, making them perfect for large openings like balconies, porches, verandas, louvres, alfresco areas and patios, windows, and Roman archways. The mesh is designed to allow the free flow of air while providing heat and glare reduction from direct sunlight.

Our Executive Screens come with numerous finish options, including custom colour matching, allowing them to blend seamlessly into unique living environment. They can be integrated with a new building structure and recessed into columns and ceilings, providing a clean opening with no unsightly columns or vertical joins.

The Executive Screens come with remote-controlled motors that are compatible with home automation systems, allowing you to control your screens from the convenience of your smartphone app or wall-mounted and handheld remote.

Offers a range of mesh choices, which can provide insect protection, solar heat control, natural ventilation, climate control or increased privacy.

The Executive Screens are professionally installed by local experts who will ensure that the product is installed correctly, and that you get the most from this incredible accessory.

All of our Executive Screens come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty, providing homeowners additional peace of mind. We stand by the quality of our product and are always available should you need us.

The Executive Screens are perfect for both commercial and residential construction projects and can be retrofitted into existing structures or integrated into new builds. They are perfect for large openings like patio, decks and balconies as well as alfresco, or PVC shade blinds over windows.

Choose from our choice of colours or we can match your decor. The Executive screens add some serious punch to your outdoor environment and living.

The outdoor patio blinds we manufacture are Fully Motorised Executive Screens. Depending on the selected mesh type, these retractable outdoor blinds can also help reduce your energy costs. They do this by lowering the amount of energy used to cool or heat the house. Our Executive Screens are so versatile that they fit most standard and oversized applications, providing for ventilation, shade from the sun, protection from pests, and enhanced privacy.

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Includes Housing, Roller, Slide Bar, Tracking, Mesh & HZ or 4-wire motor.

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Product Description

Options Explained

Minimum width is 650mm.

Colour: There is a limited colour selection but custom colours are available at an extra cost.

Mesh: See the mesh document in the resources. E-Screen 10% or 6% in Charcoal is recommended in most cases.

Track: See the documentation below for details on track options. The recessed track uses a channel fixed through the back of the channel and crocodile teeth allow the mesh to be pushed and locked into the channel. The channel can be recessed or fixed directly on top of a surface.

The standard track pulls apart allowing fixing through the side of the track for face-fit. An angle can be used to reposition the fixings to the back of the track.

Option: Standard motors require standard power and are operated via a remote. They can also be controlled via home automation with the addition of a “Dry Contact Interface” that operates essentially as an extra remote connected to home automation. 4-Wire motors do not use s remote and are instead controlled via an “Up Wire” and a “Down Wire”  and can therefore be completely controlled by home automation or switches.

The positioning of the motor inside the housing (left or right) is determined when looking at the screen with the roller/housing protruding towards you.

Housing: Standard housing for the outdoor blind includes an aluminium casing or cover over the roller. Recessed housing only includes the roller as it will be recessed into a cavity.

Additional Information

Height Band

2100, 2700, 3300, 3900, 4500, 5000

Width Band

2000, 2500, 3000, 3500, 4000, 4500, 5000, 5500, 6000, 6500, 7000, 7500, 8000, 9000, 10000, 11000, 12000


Almond (close match), Anotec Mid Bronze, Appliance White, Arctic White, Bond Rivergum (close match), Bone White (close match), Bronco (close match), Canvas Cloth (close match), Charcoal, Cola Red (close match), Custom (Surcharge), Desert Sand (close match), Flaxpod, Flint (close match), Ghost Grey (close match), Gravel/Windsor Grey (close match), Grey Friars (close match), Gull Grey (close match), Ironsand (close match), Karaka/Rangoon Green (close match), Kauri (close match), Lichen (close match), Lignite (close match), Magnolia, Matt Black, Metro Coal Dust Kinetic (close match), Metro Electric Cow Kinetic (close match), Metro Silver Pearl Kinetic (close match), Mid Grey (close match), Mineral Brown Kinetic (close match), Mist Green (close match), Navy (close match), New Denim Blue (Close Match), O'Keefe Grey (close match), Off White, Okarito (close match), Olive (close match), Palladium Silver Kinetic (close match), Permanent Green (close match), Pioneer Red (close match), Pure White (close match), Rivergum Beige (close match), Sandstone Grey (close match), Satin Black, Scoria/Pioneer Red (close match), Silver Pearl Kinetic (close match), Silver Star Kinetic (close match), Slate Blue (close match), Storm Blue (close match), Thunder Grey (close match), Titania, Warm White Pearl Kenetic (close match), Wedgewood, Window Bronze Kinetic (close match), Wizard (close match), Woodwind (close match)


E-Screen 10% Charcoal [E-SCREEN], E-Screen 10% Charcoal/Grey [E-SCREEN], E-Screen 10% White [E-SCREEN], E-Screen 6% Midnight [E-SCREEN], E-Screen 6% Midnight/Storm [E-SCREEN], E-Screen 6% White [E-SCREEN], INS1814 Charcoal [INS], INS1814 Silver Grey [INS], Petscreen Lite (Charcoal) [PET], Sunblock (Charcoal) [SOL], Visiontex Plus Amazon [PRIV], Visiontex Plus Arizona [PRIV], Visiontex Plus Baltic Blue [PRIV], Visiontex Plus Bondi [PRIV], Visiontex Plus Carbon Black [PRIV], Visiontex Plus Desert [PRIV], Visiontex Plus Everest [PRIV], Visiontex Plus Evergreen [PRIV], Visiontex Plus Graphite [PRIV], Visiontex Plus Greystone [PRIV], Visiontex Plus Havana [PRIV], Visiontex Plus Ice White [PRIV], Visiontex Plus Ivory [PRIV], Visiontex Plus Jamaica [PRIV], Visiontex Plus Java [PRIV], Visiontex Plus Kashmir [PRIV], Visiontex Plus Kelp [PRIV], Visiontex Plus Neptune [PRIV], Visiontex Plus Paperbark [PRIV], Visiontex Plus Platinum [PRIV], Visiontex Plus Titan Grey [PRIV], Visiontex Ultra Basalt [PRIV], Visiontex Ultra Claystone [PRIV], Visiontex Ultra Goldstone [PRIV], Visiontex Ultra Granite [PRIV], Visiontex Ultra Onyx [PRIV], Visiontex Ultra Pebble [PRIV], Visiontex Ultra Sahara [PRIV], Visiontex Ultra Sandstone [PRIV], Visiontex Ultra Tungsten [PRIV], Visiontex View Daylight [PRIV], Visiontex View Night Sky [PRIV], Visiontex View Shadow [PRIV]


Recessed Track, Standard Track


4-Wire Motor Left, 4-Wire Motor Right, Standard Motor Left, Standard Motor Right


Recessed Housing, Standard Housing

Mesh Type


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