Postless Corner Door Screens

Post-less corners are designed for outlook and airflow on a corner without a post. Two screens meeting in the corner.

We get a lot of special requests for different types of doors that need screening from flies or insects. In some cases the architect will consider a screen during the planning phase and we can then recess the door screen and tracks into the wall and joinery during the build. However, more often than not, its extra work for the architect and we come in after the build has finished and the home owners realise that they need door screens to make the most of their home.

While door screens are common, one of the less common requests are for doors on post-less corners but do they look great!

Post-less corners are designed for outlook and airflow but at the project pictured below, the owners of the home had been shutting the doors to keep the insects out. Completely defeating the purpose of having the architecturally designed openness. 

Note the 45 degree cuts on the tracks. I watched one of our senior installers go back to the saw three times for each side to get it exactly right 😊


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