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Phantom Screens: Relocatable Home Solutions

Recently, Phantom Screens had the pleasure of completing a insect screen job for Leisurecom Homes in Cambridge, New Zealand. For those of you who may not be familiar, Leisurecom Homes is renowned for designing and constructing breathtaking relocatable homes that can be found all over the beautiful country. Their production line operates with precision and efficiency, ensuring that every project meets tight timeframes and exceeds expectations.

One of the challenges faced by Leisurecom Homes was the need for a reliable product that could withstand the isolated parts of New Zealand. The homes they build often find themselves in remote areas, where the elements can be harsh and unforgiving. Phantom Screens was up to the task of providing a solution that would last and not cause any issues.

To address this challenge, we installed our top-of-the-line door screen and window screen products: the Brio 612 Pleated Screen and the Serene Retractable Window Screen. These screens are not only durable but also aesthetically pleasing, seamlessly blending with the overall design of the homes. We take pride in offering products that not only serve their purpose but also enhance the visual appeal.

One of the unique aspects of this particular job was the tight schedule we were working with. We managed to install the fly screens to the home just days before it was ready to be dispatched via truck to its final destination. It was quite the operation, as we had to install the screens on the doors from scaffolding, ensuring the screens were in place before the home was loaded onto the truck. This kind of coordination and attention to detail is what sets Phantom Screens apart.

It was delightful to see how our work caught the attention of customers who came to view their homes during production. They noticed the screens on their temporary neighbor’s home and were immediately intrigued. So much so, that they inquired about having the same screens installed in their own Leisurecom Homes. We are thrilled to have impressed not only our clients but also potential future customers.

We would like to extend our gratitude to Leisurecom Homes for entrusting us with this job. Collaborating with such a reputable company was an absolute pleasure. Their commitment to delivering exceptional homes mirrors our own dedication to providing exceptional products and services.

Remember, if you ever find yourself in need of high-quality, durable screens, Phantom Screens is here to provide the perfect solution.


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