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Phantom Screens: Insect-Free Homes in Matamata

Recently, Phantom Screens had the pleasure of completing a job in beautiful Matamata dairy country. This brand new house, nestled amongst farmland and farm animals, presented the challenge – how to keep insects at bay without compromising the sleek finish and design of the house. Additionally, the long, narrow windows posed a challenge for finding the perfect insect screen that wouldn’t be blown away by the wind. To make matters more complex, cable holes for the electrical blinds needed to be relocated in some windows.

Enter Phantom Serene Screens, our specialists in providing sleek and effective insect screens in the Matamata area. With our narrow side track, we were able to overcome the window latches and provide a solution that met all the requirements of our customer. The result? Total insect protection without sacrificing the aesthetics of the high-end finish.

The job added a picturesque backdrop for our work. As we arrived on site, we were warmly greeted by a friendly Jack Russell, adding an unexpected element of Kiwi hospitality to our day. The mixture of openings, including a pleated screen on a double stacker door that seamlessly blended into the deck thanks to the customer lifting a decking board prior to install.

To cater to the height of the windows, we provided a telescopic reacher to assist with operating the window screens. This small but important detail ensured that our screens were not only effective but also practical for everyday use. Additionally, we fitted an insect window screen on the outside of a sliding window. Against the dark joinery, it added a touch of elegance to the exterior of the house.

At Phantom Screens, we take pride in our ability to provide solutions that meet the unique needs of each customer. For this particular job, we utilised the Brio 612 Pleated Insect Door Screen, Serene Retractable Insect Window Screen. These products not only effectively kept insects out but also added an extra layer of protection and comfort to the home.


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