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Make the most of your outdoor living space

Outdoor living has never been so easy. Phantom Screens has the ability to block insects, nosey neighbours and add to your homes footprint. All at the click of a button.

How Kiwi is the outdoor patio, bbq area or the use of a sunroom. It is basically in our blood. This small addition, can raise your homes saleable value by 12%. Anything you can do to create indoor to outdoor flow is considered a bonus to you and/or potential buyers. By amping up your outdoor spaces, you create year-round comfort and versatility.

Options for screens range for your outdoor needs. Whether it be a patio, pergola or your favourite bbq area. Discrete and automated screens make it easy to move your indoors to the outdoors. The type of screen you require can vary. And it is important to speak to our measurement experts, to get the best bang for your buck.

To view our outdoor screens in action, click the links below:

Executive Outdoor Screen

Cocha Weather Screen

Outdoor Living
Take this home in the beautiful Coromandal Peninsular. This client chose to increase indoor to outdoor flow by adding our much loved Brio Pleated screen. They are now able to enjoy the beautiful view from the comfort of their living room without the pesky insects.
Outdoor Living
If a pergola sits on your property, out of use during the cooler months, consider lining it with our popular Cocha weather screens. These well-equipped screens keep the wether out while keeping the party going. They add value to your home by enhancing a space otherwise forgotten about.
Outdoor Living
Why spend time inside when you have the ability to utilise your outdoor spaces year around. This client requested a screen that can retract remotely, and that is what our Phantom Screen Expert provided! This technologically intelligent screen can be controlled by a central home automation, or by app! But, the most important feature is the value it adds to your families living experience. We all want to host in comfort and style without risking the view. As you can see in the picture above, size, view and comfort are definitely not being sacrificed here.

Our Recommendation:

All homes have their quirks. And as a homeowner, it is up to you to play toward those oddities to add value, enhance “street appeal” and to get the most living from all spaces. Below, we have provided a few suggestions to help you on a path to a more stylish living space.

  • Pavers not concrete slabs – Concrete as a patio area is now being viewed by architects as outdated and basic.
  • Native plant/fauna – This adds style to a walkway or entry way. If privacy is what you are seeking trees that are unestablished with the ability to grow over longer than 3+ years does just that. 
  • Hidden solar lighting to highlight entryways, pathways and driveways – There is a range of lighting available to either be installed by a professional or with the guide of one.
  • Woods as a building/decking material because it is viewed to be more natural, sustainable and sophisticated in the world of architecture. 

Find the solution, that best suits your home. Visit our Phantom experts, who are readily available to help with the designing, measurement and the installation process of your outdoor project today.

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