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“Karaka” Day in Whangamata: Fly Screens Sorted


Picture this: a breathtaking outlook with double stacker doors, inviting the beauty of nature to flow seamlessly into your living space. It’s a dream come true for many homeowners in New Zealand. But what if you want to keep out insects and enjoy the fresh air without compromising the view? This was the challenge faced by one of our valued customers in the lovely coastal town of Whangamata.

At Phantom Screens, we thrive on solving such challenges and helping our customers achieve their dream home setup. In this case, our customer needed a robust insect screen solution that would integrate effortlessly into their existing joinery. They wanted a screen that was not only functional but also easy to use and visually appealing. Oh, and did we mention that it had to sit behind roller blinds? No problem at all!

For this exceptional job, we recommended the Brio 612 Pleated Screen and the Serene Retractable Window Screen. These innovative products ticked all the boxes, offering the perfect blend of functionality, ease of use, and aesthetics. But there was one more unique element to this particular project – the coluor of the screens: Karaka Green.

Ah, Karaka, the vibrant and warm hue that perfectly complements the Kiwi spirit. It added a touch of elegance and character to the beautiful property in Whangamata. We couldn’t resist a little wordplay – “Karaka Day in Whangamata” – a nod to the scenic location and our customer’s impeccable taste.

The installation process was a breeze, thanks to our experienced team. We ensured that the screens seamlessly integrated into the joinery, enhancing the beauty of the doors and windows without obstructing the mesmerising view. And guess what? We completed the installation with time to spare, allowing us to measure another house on our way back. Talk about efficiency!

But that’s not all. As part of our commitment to sustainability, we made sure to leave behind a little something useful. The infills that were removed during the Brio screen integration found new life as tomato stakes. It’s these little touches that make us proud to be part of the Whangamata community and take care of our environment.

Throughout this project, we had the pleasure of collaborating with Fairview Joinery in Whangamata. Their recommendation of Phantom Screens speaks volumes about our expertise and dedication towards delivering exceptional results. They deserve a special shoutout for being wonderful partners in this endeavour.

At Phantom Screens, we believe that every home should be a haven where you can enjoy the beauty of nature while keeping unwanted guests at bay. We are always ready to tackle unique challenges, such as those encountered in Whangamata. If you’re facing a similar dilemma or simply want to enhance your home’s functionality and aesthetics, reach out to us. Let’s create magic together!

Remember, it’s not just about retractable screens; it’s about finding innovative solutions that make your house a true home. Phantom Screens – turning dreams into reality, one screen at a time.


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