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Is the price negotiable?

How we determine our prices:

Our prices are fixed and calculated on the size of the opening, screen type and travel/freight requirement.

Opening Size

This means that the larger the opening the more materials required to manufacture the screen that best suits your requirements. It also means that our manufacturer will require specified skills in order to cut, assemble and powder coat a product larger than 5meters.

Screen Type

Different colours and gradients are chosen by you once a measurement has taken place at your property or holiday home. This could mean that a darker screen chosen or mesh type can drive the price of your quote up. 

Travel/freight Requirement

This is a one-time payment as part of the overall quote. 

Can I pay in Instalments?

After your measurement has taken place and everything about your home improvement is taken into consideration, our measurement expert uploads a form to our automated system where you are then able to “check” and “uncheck” items you are interested in having installed. Below is the closest we offer to an instalment:

  • 40% deposit on acceptance of the quote
  • 60% deposit on completion of the installation

Supplier Increases

Due to yearly supplier increases that are out of our immediate control. Demand for quality, efficiency, the fact that we fit to measure and assemble every screen installed in your windows, doors and outdoor areas. Phantom is unable to dispute the fairly given quote price before or after the acceptance. 

What you are paying for:

Not only a quality assurance, the benefit of our experts at your disposal, a warranty on your screens. You are having a product that accentuates an already beautifully put together home. 

Can I install the screen myself?

Self-installation is an option to consider with us when adding improvements to your home. We are willing to offer a percentage decrease on particular products that are “easier” to install, but by you doing so you will forfeit the right to come back to us if you run into any issues on the installation and/or thereafter. The warranty for the manufactured product remains the same in this case.Any screen being purchased by us that is in a larger opening this option will not apply to.


Our Thoughts

At the end of the day, you are paying for a service and that includes all the pieces to the puzzle. We highly recommend doing your research to get the right fit for your family and home. When it comes to functionality, comfort, style and discretion-Why go anywhere else?


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