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Do we offer Pet Proof Screens?

Yes, Phantom screens have developed a mesh for pets. Because we know, not all homes have the same needs. Because of this, we designed a “pet proof screen”. This means the mesh component of the screen is reinforced. Hooray! All of our screens are fit to measure. Phantom screens are happy to discuss a screen, with the appropriate pet mesh.

If a zip track model, of our outdoor or indoor screen is chosen. The pet mesh, can then be fitted inside the Cocha screen, and a Rollaway door screen. Because both screens are pulled tight, into the bottom tracks. Our furry counterparts will find it difficult to damage.

NOTE: This does not mean that consistent force, will not eventually cause wear and tear.

Are there other screen options?

The flat meshed screen can be easily replaced. This is a decent alternative for a small saving. It is advised, that this may not stand the test of time. Because the screen will need an entire replacement if it is scored.

A pleated door screen is stronger, because it is a fibreglass mesh. These pleats make it easily visible for your pets to visually see. Meaning the likelihood of unforeseen damage is lower.

Can I have an animal flap installed?

Phantom Screens are unable to offer this at the moment. Because our belief is, that it risks the integrity and life of your product. And a quality assurance is our priority.

Our Experience

After a seamless installation. A clients well-loved farm dog, ran full pelt into a pleated screen. The dog bounced off graciously, with no long-term issue to the screen.

Whether you need our maintenance handbook, a friendly chat, to book a repairman or a measurement. We are always willing to provide you with support. Contact us today.

To view our products in action, view this short video.

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