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Insect screens for Stacker Doors

A Stacker Door has two or more panels that slide in the same direction, stacking behind a fixed panel. Sometimes, they can have windows incorporated into the non-sliding panel of the door.

In some cases, a Stacker Door can be part of a post-less corner, where two sliding doors meet in the middle, without a post. Stacker doors can also be recessed, or have panes combined to stack away from each other.

When we fit a fly screen to a stacker door, we nearly always mount the screen on the opposite side to where the doors stack. For example, if the doors stack to the outside, then we mount the screen on the inside of the door. And vice versa.

Doing this allows us to clear the handle on the door. And in most cases, fit the screen so it pulls out and meets with the door, at the point it is opened to a stop. The alternative is to screen the whole door so the fly screen is across the entire space, even if the door is only partially opened.

The most commonly used screen for larger openings is the Brio-pleated screen. But in saying that, our legacy screen can also be fitted to this style of door. Again, this will depend on the width and how well the handle will clear the original door handle.

This concept is a little difficult to explain, but we can take you through the best suited option when a measurement is done at your property. 

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