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How do fly screens stop mosquitos?

The “holes” or “air pockets” in our mesh, are large enough to allow free flow air. In saying that, they are small in size for a mosquitos diameter to not fit through. Which stops them from entering your home. Mosquitos are initially attracted to the light. So if you notice a gap in your mesh, it is likely that shear persistence is how these little guys are finding their way through.

Decades of experience have meant, Phantom have had time to work out the perfect balance between fresh air, keeping out the insects and light distribution. So, you don’t loose out on your view, airflow or light.

In addition to bite free skin, less chemicals and fresh air. Check out our mesh options, that are available in various colours and depths of view. When you are deciding to purchase a Phantom Screen, there is a guarantee that you will not be dealing with insects (crawling or the like) again.

Our insect specific screens range from:

  • A classic, rollaway window screen
  • The fibreglass meshed, Brio screen
  • A legacy flat mesh screen
  • And the popular Executive outdoor screen

A variety of mesh is offered for the screens above. They are measured to fit your framing, or outdoor area to ensure no entry points in your screen, expose your home to unwanted guests.

To find out how our products deflect all types of insects review our, “How is my screen fitted” blog. This gives an insight, into how our products are fixed to joinery. Our type of joinery fix means no flying or crawling in or around your screen.

Again, It is all in the MESH! 

For more information, relating to the prevention of these pesky insects. Read this article, provided by NZ Health organisation. It gives a brief outline, to the varieties of mosquitos found right here in Aotearoa. 

Mosquito Screen

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