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How are the insect screens fitted?

Phantom screens, are fitted to the inside of your joinery. They have two tracks on either side, and a cassette at the top, where the screen rolls away into. The tracks on either side are to guide the mesh, and bottom bar down as you pull. 

The screens are made to ensure no gaps! This is so creepy crawlies have no way of getting inside your home.

For an in depth guide on the fitting process, follow our resource page. The page explains in great detail the exact way a window, door or outdoor screen is blended to your homes design. Alternatively, you can view this Phantom Screen installation video. All our screens are generally fitted in the same way. But, every house is built differently. So this may slightly differ.

By Whom?

Our screens are always fitted by Phantom-trained experts. So you don’t have to worry about learning the technicalities of the installation. Unless, you have a background in construction, and believe you can fit these yourself. We will consider certain products to be “supply” only. But we do prefer to have a discussion with our customers, regarding the roadblocks in pursuing this option.

Is this included in the quote price?

The price of your screens always includes the cost of installation, unless otherwise specified. Once you accept our quote, the initial 40% deposit and 60% final payment, are the only payments you will make on your screens. It is imperative to us that you are happy with your screen, and that you understand how to use and maintain its quality before completing the final transaction.

Our Ethics

The goal on all installations is to make it look like the existing joinery, to blend in beautifully with your indoor or outdoor decor. Again,  discretion is always key when it comes to selecting a screen with Phantom. 

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Process of insect screen

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