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French Door Insect Screens

A french door are two swinging doors that meet at the middle. We are often asked if insect screens can be fitted to French doors and the answer is, Yes.

The insect screen is mounted on the inside of the door, on the opposite side of the direction the doors swing.

We would typically do this with a single insect screen that pulls across from one side. But it is possible to have screens that meet in the middle.

In most cases the screen is mounted on the side of the door that is used most. This allows the other door to remain closed and the fly screen to be pulled across the opened door, only to meet with the edge of the door that remains closed.

French doors pose no issue for Phantom installers. Again, we will discuss your preference during a measure, and on the install day. The types of considerations we will discuss with you are:

– Which side of the door is most used

– Whether you want it to meet in the middle or be a single screen

– The advise given depending on the height of the bi-fold door handles

– The overall aesthetics of the screen to ensure low visibility of the screen

When we visit onsite we can take you through the options and advise the best approach or work to your preferences. Click here to enquire now!

If you would like to see this product in action. Click here!



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