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Fly Screens on Bifold Doors

Fly screens can be fitted to Bi-fold doors. The bi-fold stacks away to one or both sides. Similar to a hinged and French door.

A Bi-fold door set can include a free-swinging hinged door, that opens without disturbing the other panels.

We can install a fly screen on the inner side, of where the door fold outwards. The screen that suits this type of door is, a Brio-Pleated screen. The screen doesn’t add bulk where the doors fold away. In saying that, the style of screen, is completely up to the customer. 

We have in the past installed the below screens on bifold doors:

– Flat mesh legacy screens

– An outdoor Executive screen (at the customers request to block sun)

– As mentioned, a Brio pleated screen

The flat mesh screen has a cassette with bottom and top tracks. This will add to the appearance of a screen. An executive has the cassette at te top of the screen for a “pulled down” affect. The brio does not have a cassette and instead folds away into itself.

Fly screens on Bi-fold doors, are no challenge for Phantom Screens to install. Book an on-site measure with our expert to thoroughly discuss your situation and needs. As mentioned in our “Can I choose a colour” blog, we are happy to work with bespoke wood finishings. Our screens will come matched to your exact requirements and as always, discrete for elegance. 

To elevate the overall aesthetic of your home. Consider recessing the bottom tracks of the screen into your flooring. By doing this, the screen stays flush with your original flooring. Our installers are not builders, so we recommend that during the building process you raise this with the builder. Then, our professionals can breeze in, and at minimum install the bottom tracks until your home is at a point to have the rest of the screen installed. The best time for this is preferably after the paint has dried on your joinery.

At the end of the day, we want your home to feel like a breath of fresh air, with no flies. So, why not take those extra steps for your home to be at its’ highest potential. 

For more information on your particular circumstance. Feel free to send us some photos, or enquire so we can work with you onsite.

To view our screens in action on a Bi-Fold door. Click here

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