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Phantom Door Screens

Ultimate style and functionality to your home with the original and best,
fully retractable bespoke door screen we like to call The Phantom Door Screen.

Let the fresh air in and keep the insects out! With our retractable door screens, there’s no need to worry about blocking your view— when they’re not in use they disappear out of sight, preserving the look of your doorway.

Fits all door types & disapears when not in use.

Custom made and professionally installed screens give you fresh air, shade from the sun, climate control, protection from insects or a bit of privacy.

All Backed by our Lifetime Limited Warranty

Control Your Environment

Choose from fabrics and mesh that can provide insect protection, solar heat control, natural ventilation, climate control or increase privacy.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Limited Lifetime Warranty provides homeowners additional peace of mind. We standby the quality of our product.

Professional Installation

Professionally installed by local experts who know the product so you get the most from this incredible accessory.

Varied Sizes & Mounting

Our retractable screens fit all types including in-swing, out-swing, single, double and slider doors.

Match Your Decor & Style

Choose from our of our colours or we can match your decor. Make the most of your indoor-outdoor living environment.

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Invisible When Not In Use

Enquiry Form

Grab a quote quickly and easily by sending a little information.

Door Latches

Large spans include a zip lock top and bottom for durability agains the breeze. Legacy by Phantom is the only retractable door screen with an integrated Latch. & Release handle – making it easy to use, quiet to operate.




Frequently Asked Questions:

What are Retractable Solar Screens?

Phantom Screens has a premium range of solar screens that can also keep the annoying bugs out of your home. In addition to protecting you from the elements.

Screening the direct sun can keep you cool in summer, but warm in winter. Due to years of experience, Phantom was able to develop a mesh that did just that. 

Solar for our screens means the protection provided by the screen not as a means of powering your screen. In saying that, if your home relies on solar energy that these screens couldn’t derive power from this method.

Our experts know the best solution for your home and our products are higher in quality, look better and last longer than other options. The component that helps with shielding is the mesh. As discussed in our blog posts, it is all down to the mesh!

The best part is when the screen is not in use, it retracts out of the way and you wouldn’t even know it is there. It seamlessly matches your decor.

For video viewing, click the links below:

– Rollaway window screen

– Executive screen

Contact Phantom screens for more information and enjoy year round comfort in your home. 


Executive Screen

What is a Retractable Fly Screen?

A retractable screen is a screen that rolls away onto a roller (sometimes pleats or folds away), when not in use. Our retractable screens, have tracks down both sides and a cassette at the top. This is to close any gaps around the screen.

The styles of retractable or rollaway screens are available throughout our products. From a window serene screen, to a legacy door screen and finally our outdoor awning screens. All of the screens mentioned have the ability to be upgraded by recessing the tracks. This has been done for multiple newly built or renovated homes. It’s all of a matter of chatting to our experts!

Phantom Screens are New Zealand’s original and leading provider in retractable screens. A rollaway screen retracts out of the way, and you wouldn’t even know it is there as it is seamlessly matched to your decor.

Video viewing include:

Executive screen

Rollaway window screen

Pleated door screen

Take control of the climate, insects or your privacy with our elegant and premium retractable screen products. Our experts know the best solution for your home and our products are higher in quality, look better and last longer than other options.

Contact Phantom screens for a free measure and quote and love your living environment more with this premium accessory.

Outdoor retractable screen

What are “Pull Down” Insect Screens?

Phantom Screens, beautifully designed a pull down insect screen. That let the breeze in, but keep the insects out. The word “pull down”, refers to the motion of using the screen itself.

Pull down insect screens retract out of the way when not in use. It is the name given to a screen that rolls away on a horizontal bar at the top of the opening. So to pull down the screen is the action required to close the screen.

The rollaway screen has a cassette at the top, and tracks down the side. Essentially, all the mechanics of the screen are inside the cassette at the top. The tracks down each side of the window joinery is to ensure the insect mesh and bottom bar do not come loose, or leave gaps for critters to get in and around. 

Every screen for every opening is meshed with high-quality material. So you still have your view and fresh air. All with your windows open!

Each pull down screen in your home is measured, powder-coated and assembled to the exact needs of the opening that is being screened. 

Enjoy the best of the outdoors (fresh air, the view, sounds of nature) without letting the flies, bees, wasps and mosquitos in. Phantom screen products are an extraordinary accessory for your home and lifestyle.

To enquire about this product. Click Here!

For a video on this awesome product. Click Here!

Pull down screen
Phantom retractable insect Screens windows serene

Do you do Privacy Screens?

Privacy screens are classified by Phantom, as the darkest mesh selection. If  privacy is the goal, a closed mesh is adequate. The screen is then, has lower visibility from the outside. A less visible screen, restricts the airflow. If privacy is not a priority. An open insect mesh, for maximum airflow, is recommended.

An Executive screen, is the best screen to have a balance of both privacy, and airflow. Because, it has three view options. 60%, 90% and 95%. Once the measurement is complete, your needs will be discussed. Consider exactly what you require from the screen, for the mesh to meet your expectations. 

There is always some visibility unless, blackout as a mesh option is chosen. The screens that have mesh options are:

Note, the mesh selections vary, throughout these products. The depth and vision also vary in percent. So discussing your options on the day of your measure, is vital for you to get the product that suits your needs.

To create even more discretion with privacy, and a screen. Consider recessing the tracks, to create a seamless look throughout your home.

Consider these options, to increase your privacy:

  • Planting foliage or dwarf pines, to block prying eyes
  • Hedging the outskirts of your property
  • Adding potted vines to offset the area that you would like to remain private

In addition to quality screens, and strategically placed outdoor decor. The ability for people to see into your property, over your fence or from the road, is minimised. Phantom experts know the best solution, for your home. Our products rate higher in quality, look discrete and last longer.

For even more comfort in your decisions. The rollaway door screen, and Executive mentioned above are found in this video. Click Here!

Privacy screen Mesh selections
Privacy Cocha mesh

What is a High Visibility Fly Screen?

High visibility screen refers too, easily viewing your property from the inside.  While it is easy to see through, it must also be closed enough to prevent insects, from coming into the home. 

A high visibility screen mesh is at 90%. This means that you must choose a darker colour that has larger “gaps”. The reason a darker mesh is recommended, is because it is easier on the eyes during the summer months, when light reflection is at its peak. That being said, it is also easier for glare purposes, in the winter time.

Phantom screens recommend, installing a highly visible screen, in scenic areas of your home. For example, the kitchen window, that overlooks your property. Or the master bedroom, with the view of the lake. There are options for all parts, of your home.

For privacy, we believe that it is best to have, smaller gapped mesh. This could be for a lounge, that is visible from the roadside. Or a spare room, seen into by neighbours. Not every screen in your home, has to have the same mesh. So think about the layout of your property. What you do, and don’t want to see, or be seen doing. All of our screens are manufactured, using the highest quality components. Every screen fits effortlessly, into your joinery, and is colour matched to your homes decor. 

The image below, is an example of our rollaway screen. This is a clear of example, of a customer who wanted to stop insects, but preserve their view. All Phantom Screens have a selection of mesh options for you to choose from, that are higher or lower in visibility. Ask to see your options when an on-site measure takes place.

To view a screen that is rated, our most popular, in visibility. Click Here!

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High Visibility Screen

Insect screens for Stacker Doors

Insect screens can be fitted to stacker doors, with Phantom Screens. Stacker doors, have two or more panels that slide in the same direction, stacking behind a fixed panel. Sometimes, they can have windows in the fixed panel of the door.

In some cases, a stacker door can be part of a post-less corner. Where two sliding doors meet in the middle, without a post. Stacker doors can also be recessed. Or have panes combined to stack away from each other.

When we fit a fly screen, to a stacker door. The screen is mounted to the opposite side, of where the doors stack. For example, if the doors stack to the outside, we mount the screen on the inside of the door. This allows us to clear the door handle. To allow the screen to slide out and meet with the first panels. The alternative, is to screen the whole door. So the fly screen is across the entire space, even if the door is only partially opened.

If your home has carpet up to the stacker door. A Phantom expert will discuss the option of retrofitting the screen to the outside. In basic terms, we would be adding fixing the tracks and frame of the screen to the outside of the original door. This has recently been done with a slider used as a front door. For this option, we would ask you to consider the aesthetics of your homes build. Do you think in a scenario like this, that a pleated fold away screen would be better? Are all important questions to consider.

The most commonly used screen for larger openings is the Brio-pleated screen. However, our legacy screen can also be fitted to this style of door, depending on the width and how well the handle will clear the original door handle.

To view our screens, in action. Click Here!

This concept is a little difficult to explain, but we can take you through the best suited option when a measurement is done at your property.

Brio retractable door screen

Fly Screens on Bifold Doors

Fly screens can be fitted to Bi-fold doors. The bi-fold stacks away to one or both sides. Similar to a hinged and French door.

A Bi-fold door set can include a free-swinging hinged door, that opens without disturbing the other panels.

We can install a fly screen on the inner side, of where the door fold outwards. The screen that suits this type of door is, a Brio-Pleated screen. The screen doesn’t add bulk where the doors fold away. In saying that, the style of screen, is completely up to the customer. 

We have in the past installed the below screens on bifold doors:

– Flat mesh legacy screens

– An outdoor Executive screen (at the customers request to block sun)

– As mentioned, a Brio pleated screen

The flat mesh screen has a cassette with bottom and top tracks. This will add to the appearance of a screen. An executive has the cassette at te top of the screen for a “pulled down” affect. The brio does not have a cassette and instead folds away into itself.

Fly screens on Bi-fold doors, are no challenge for Phantom Screens to install. Book an on-site measure with our expert to thoroughly discuss your situation and needs. As mentioned in our “Can I choose a colour” blog, we are happy to work with bespoke wood finishings. Our screens will come matched to your exact requirements and as always, discrete for elegance. 

To elevate the overall aesthetic of your home. Consider recessing the bottom tracks of the screen into your flooring. By doing this, the screen stays flush with your original flooring. Our installers are not builders, so we recommend that during the building process you raise this with the builder. Then, our professionals can breeze in, and at minimum install the bottom tracks until your home is at a point to have the rest of the screen installed. The best time for this is preferably after the paint has dried on your joinery.

At the end of the day, we want your home to feel like a breath of fresh air, with no flies. So, why not take those extra steps for your home to be at its’ highest potential. 

For more information on your particular circumstance. Feel free to send us some photos, or enquire so we can work with you onsite.

To view our screens in action on a Bi-Fold door. Click here

Phantom Screens windows serene

French Door Insect Screens

A french door are two swinging doors that meet at the middle. We are often asked if insect screens can be fitted to French doors and the answer is, Yes.

The insect screen is mounted on the inside of the door, on the opposite side of the direction the doors swing.

We would typically do this with a single insect screen that pulls across from one side. But it is possible to have screens that meet in the middle.

In most cases the screen is mounted on the side of the door that is used most. This allows the other door to remain closed and the fly screen to be pulled across the opened door, only to meet with the edge of the door that remains closed.

French doors pose no issue for Phantom installers. Again, we will discuss your preference during a measure, and on the install day. The types of considerations we will discuss with you are:

– Which side of the door is most used

– Whether you want it to meet in the middle or be a single screen

– The advise given depending on the height of the bi-fold door handles

– The overall aesthetics of the screen to ensure low visibility of the screen

When we visit onsite we can take you through the options and advise the best approach or work to your preferences. Click here to enquire now!

If you would like to see this product in action. Click here!



What is your warranty on the screens?

We are known for the best warranty in the industry. This is possible because we only use the highest quality products and materials available.

We keep your details for reference but it is wise to keep a copy of your purchase for future reference to make things quick and easy should any issue arise.

We stand by our products so even if accidents happen, we will look after you. Repairs and maintenance are part of the service. We have been here for over twenty years and plan to be here for many more. So just let us know, if you ever have an issue.

Our warranty is a guarantee that you have a quality product, installed in your home. To maintain your screens quality, follow some of our helpful tips below:

  • Using the upholstery nozzle on your vacuum. Clean out the bottom tracks
  • With a non-abrasive cloth wipe both the top and bottom tracks
  • Lightly spray the tracks with a silicone spray

By doing these simple steps, you will extend the already long life of your screen. This keeps the screen sliding with ease, which is the most important part of using the screen.

The warranty document is available on our resources page or downloadable on the below link.

How much does a screen cost?

The purchase price of your screen, depends on the width and height, of the opening. Phantom screens, are custom made. The cost outweighs the years of fly spray, exterminations and aircon’s in your home. 

For inside the home, the pricing generally starts here:

  • Retractable window screens start at around $300.00. For smaller spaces.
  • Brio’s start at around $1,200.00. For a single doorway opening.
  • A legacy door screen beginning price is $893.00. Single doorway.

For outside the home, the pricing generally begins here:

  • A Cocha weather screen starts at $1,161.00. Without a motor, remote or app.
  • An Executive begins at $3,774.00. Without a motor, remote or app.

These prices are subject to change, depending on the size of the opening. The prices you see above do not include, the cost of travel or install. Once a measure takes place, a quote is generated and your prices, are based on automated calculations. 

The measure is free. A quote is then emailed to you, with everything included (e.g.) cost of travel, install and the materials needed to complete your screens. When you have accepted the quote, it is broken down into a 40% deposit. And a 60% final invoice, once the install is complete. There are no hidden costs. 

If you are eager to get a price, based on your own measurements. It is important to read over our measuring guide, this is found on the resources page. We are happy to provide our customers, with unmeasured quotes. If you would like to move forward after this, we will still measure on-site. Our “Quick Guide & Next Steps” can be downloaded. It offers a comprehensive guide, to our process.

To view our products in action, click on any of the links below:

Serene Screen

Brio-Pleated Screen

Legacy Flat Mesh Screen

Outdoor Executive Screen

Cocha Weather Screen


Cost of a Screen

Can I fit them myself? DIY Friendly?

It is possible to fit our screens yourself. Phantom screens will provide instructions, support and delivery/pick options. Our screens are always fitted by Phantom-trained experts. So you don’t have to worry about learning the technicalities of the installation, if that is what you prefer.  

The quote price of your screens always include the cost of installation. Unless otherwise specified. Our aim is, that the whole process will feel like nothing more than a gentle breeze.

However, there are particular screens that can be fitted by you. And there are scenarios that we have in fact done this.

If you are building or renovating your home, and have discussed with your builder the option of insect screens. We are happy to provide a 20% discount of the items. If he or she is happy to install these for you. There are guidelines provided, if this is an option you would like to consider. 

Like most kiwis, we have a can-do attitude. And if you think you are more than capable of installing these yourself, we are happy to guide you through that process.

If you are interested in becoming a Phantom screens installer in your area then please contact us.

If you would like to view a screen being simply installed. Click here.

Phantom Screens windows serene

When will my screen be installed?

At Phantom we endeavour to have your screen ordered, powder coated (to your desired colour), assembled and installed within a four to eight weeks from the approval of the quote. Some products are made in our factory in Australia and that can add a couple of weeks to the process if transport isn’t effective at the time.

At times we have experienced supply and “pandemic” issues that has unfortunately prolonged timeframes. We are forever making improvements to prevent this from happening.

Also expect some delay to the above timeframe during peak seasons when demand can quadruple overnight.

Can I choose the the colour of the screen?

We powder coat the screens components. So any colour that matches your decor will be coated in quality Dulux powder. This will be specified with you. When an on-site measurement is done. 

When the measure is complete, this is perfect time to discuss your colour selection. When you choose to go ahead, this will save time delays in ordering. If your house has recently been built, the colour of your joinery would have been discussed. The colour will be found on the joinery specific plans.

For those of you who are unsure of the colour of your joinery. Our experts always carry a colour book. And will use windows and doors as a reference guide. To ensure seamless integration of your decor, with our screens. We will consider any custom finishes, or bespoke colours.

The powder-coating colour guide is endless, in terms of finish. Powder-coated colours are finished with a sparkle, meaning the paint reflects light rather than absorbs it. All powder-coated products, are sent to a Dulux accredited powder coater, for premium results. 

Colours that are not finished in a sparkle, are those that are matte finished. A product with a matte finish, absorbs the light rather than reflecting it.

The pleated screen has a set colour range of black or white. We are happy to have the colour combination you have requested. The process to have this done is as follows:

  • Discussed on measurement day
  • Added as an extra cost into the quote
  • Once the quote amount is accepted
  • Ordered from Dulux NZ
  • Shipped to our Australian supplier
  • Powder coated your specified colour
  • Shipped back to NZ

Requesting a custom colour for the mesh, can not be done. Our Pleated screens have a fibreglass mesh that cannot be changed due to design. Custom colours do carry an extra charge, but this will be discussed with you before sending the first deposit invoice. 


To view the colour selection, from Dulux directly. Follow this link. DULUX

To view mesh samples, for colour coordination. Follow this link. MESH

Are good quality insect screens worth it?

Yes, yes & yes! While we maybe a little biased. But without even considering the huge saving of annoyance, from flies and mosquitoes.

Consider the cost of ten years worth of cans of fly spray. Now consider, the cost of cooling your house when the doors are closed. Or the fly poo on paint work, being cleaned or repainted. By far, a fly screen is cheaper in the long run. In comparison to paying a painter or having to steam mop your walls!

For instance, a quality insect screen installed by Phantom, isn’t just down to the screen itself. Phantoms quality screens lie in the overall components, that make up the screen. It is down to the science of mesh holes and longevity, the aluminium that is used, the powder-coaters we work with, and the ease of use. Who else makes a better retractable screen? We challenge you to find a quality comparison you don’t have to assemble, and install yourself. 

Consequently, living costs are only ever rising. Because of this, it is important to understand and examine all of your options. Phantom want you to enjoy your home. Just as much as we enjoy installing long-term, cost effective screens in your home. If you are struggling to make a decision. We have customers only coming back to us after 17+ years, to have minor parts changed or repaired. In terms of minor repairs, we are talking sun fade on the strings in a brio, a small tear in a flat mesh screen, or a popped out rollaway screen. Because of these small adjustments, customers are only being charged between two-three hundred dollars. WOW! What a saving, if you take into account the fact that they paid $2,000.00, 17+ years prior. 

Get them, you won’t regret ’em and when choosing, buy nice or buy twice. 


To view our screen in the video below, click HERE!

To fact check us, view this article HERE!

Quality insect screens

How do fly screens stop mosquitos?

The “holes” or “air pockets” in our mesh, are large enough to allow free flow air. In saying that, they are small in size for a mosquitos diameter to not fit through. Which stops them from entering your home. Mosquitos are initially attracted to the light. So if you notice a gap, in your mesh. It is likely that shear persistence, is how these little guys are finding their way through.

Decades of experience have meant, Phantom have had time to work out the perfect balance between fresh air, keeping out the insects and light distribution. So, you don’t loose out on your view, airflow or light.

In addition to bite free skin, less chemicals and fresh air. Check out our mesh options, that are available in various colours and depths of view. When you are deciding to purchase a Phantom Screen, there is a guarantee that you will not be dealing with insects (crawling or the like), again.

Our insect specific screens range from:

  • A classic, rollaway window screen
  • The fibreglass meshed, Brio screen
  • A legacy flat mesh screen
  • And the popular Executive outdoor screen

A variety of mesh is offered, for the screens above. They are measured to fit your framing, or outdoor area to ensure no entry points in your screen, expose your home to unwanted guests.

To find out how our products deflect all types of insects. Review our “How is my screen fitted” blog. This gives an insight, into how our products are fixed to joinery. Our type of joinery fix means no flying or crawling in or around your screen.

Again, It is all in the MESH! 

For more information, relating to the prevention of these pesky insects. Read this article, provided by NZ Health organisation. It gives a brief outline, to the varieties of mosquitos found right here in Aotearoa. 

Mosquito Screen

Does the mesh break or need to be replaced?

Our experts will whip out the mesh and replace it with a brand new mesh. Replacing an entire screen and frame can be costly. Because we have been installing screens throughout New Zealand, for more than 22 years. We typically are only going back to replace (sometimes only clean) meshes, after 17-18 years. Meaning that structurally our screens are still in good tact. With only the mesh itself in need of small repairs.

BUT mesh quality varies. And we have been asked to rip out and replace non-Phantom window screens. Because our clients have found their screens, have not lasted as long as our mesh in the screens we supply.

If the insect screen is not looked after. The mesh, is the component of the screen that is most likely to need replacing.

The process for having this done is just as easy as buying a new screen. Follow our enquire page, and fill out the prompts selecting repair instead if an on-site measure. How easy is that! 

At the end of the day, why go through the hassle of replacing the mesh yourself . When there is a Phantom expert, just around the corner!

For those of you who have had a screen installed by us. And wish to maintain the strength or ease of use. Below are a few hints and tricks, for ensuring the integrity of your screen.

Helpful tips, to maintain your Phantom Screen:

  • Vacuum top and bottom tracks
  • Wipe the track clean with a soft cloth. Ensure you aren’t using any abrasive or oil-based cleaners
  • Using a soft cloth. Wipe the top and bottom of the slide bar.
  • Spray a silicone based lubricant on the top and bottom track

To view a short video, on screen maintenance. Click Here!

To view a mesh replacement. Click Here!

Do we offer Pet Proof Screens?

Yes, Phantom screens have developed a mesh for pets. Because we know, not all homes have the same needs. Because of this, we designed a “pet proof screen”. This means the mesh component of the screen is reinforced. Hooray! All of our screens are fit to measure. Phantom screens are happy to discuss a screen, with the appropriate pet mesh.

If a zip track model, of our outdoor or indoor screen is chosen. The pet mesh, can then be fitted inside the Cocha screen, and a Rollaway door screen. Because both screens are pulled tight, into the bottom tracks. Our furry counterparts will find it difficult to damage.

NOTE: This does not mean that consistent force, will not eventually cause wear and tear.

Are there other screen options?

The flat meshed screen can be easily replaced. This is a decent alternative for a small saving. It is advised, that this may not stand the test of time. Because the screen will need an entire replacement if it is scored.

A pleated door screen is stronger, because it is a fibreglass mesh. These pleats make it easily visible for your pets to visually see. Meaning the likelihood of unforeseen damage is lower.

Can I have an animal flap installed?

Phantom Screens are unable to offer this at the moment. Because our belief is, that it risks the integrity and life of your product. And a quality assurance is our priority.

Our Experience

After a seamless installation. A clients well-loved farm dog, ran full pelt into a pleated screen. The dog bounced off graciously, with no long-term issue to the screen.

Whether you need our maintenance handbook, a friendly chat, to book a repairman or a measurement. We are always willing to provide you with support. Contact us today.

To view our products in action, view this short video.

How are the insect screens fitted?

Phantom screens, are fitted to the inside of your joinery. They have two tracks on either side, and a cassette at the top, where the screen rolls away into. The tracks on either side are to guide the mesh, and bottom bar down as you pull. 

The screens are made to ensure no gaps! This is so creepy crawlies have no way of getting inside your home.

For an in depth guide on the fitting process, follow our resource page. The page explains in great detail the exact way a window, door or outdoor screen is blended to your homes design. Alternatively, you can view this Phantom Screen installation video. All our screens are generally fitted in the same way. But, every house is built differently. So this may slightly differ.

By Whom?

Our screens are always fitted by Phantom-trained experts. So you don’t have to worry about learning the technicalities of the installation. Unless, you have a background in construction, and believe you can fit these yourself. We will consider certain products to be “supply” only. But we do prefer to have a discussion with our customers, regarding the roadblocks in pursuing this option.

Is this included in the quote price?

The price of your screens always includes the cost of installation, unless otherwise specified. Once you accept our quote, the initial 40% deposit and 60% final payment, are the only payments you will make on your screens. It is imperative to us that you are happy with your screen, and that you understand how to use and maintain its quality before completing the final transaction.

Our Ethics

The goal on all installations is to make it look like the existing joinery, to blend in beautifully with your indoor or outdoor decor. Again,  discretion is always key when it comes to selecting a screen with Phantom. 

Enquire here, to review your options today.

Process of insect screen