Brio Pleated Door Screens

Enjoy luxury open plan living in your dream indoor-outdoor space without compromise.
Brio Pleated screens architecturally designed elegance meets superior quality and functionality.

Huge Span

The Brio Pleated screen can screen openings up to 9 meters with a double screen. No joins or seams.

Coloured Tracks

We can custom match the colour of your existing joinery. The screen comes in Black, White or Silver as standard.

Mesh retention

The fibreglass mesh is durable and elegantly folds away discretely into a cassette when not in use.

Control Environment

You can enjoy the best of the outdoors but letting in a breeze while keeping unwanted pests out.

Professional Installation

Professionally installed by local experts help you get the most from your screen and living environment.

Full Warranty

We support you with a five year warranty. Providing homeowners additional peace of mind.

Enjoy your view

There’s nothing like being able to leave your home wide open to enjoy the breeze without letting the insects in. Brio’s retractable insect screen for doors and offers an innovative and functional solution to screening large openings including Double-French doors, In-Swing or Out-Swing doors, Sliding, Single and
Bi-Fold doors. Stacker and oversized doorways. Just ask!

Invisible When Not In Use

The below link downloads a PDF brochure.

Download Brochure PDF

Use the below guides to measure your doors if you would like us to send you a quote for an insect screen for your door. Be sure to measure the opening only or send us a photo if you have any questions.

A visit from one of our professional team will be required at some point as the screens are custom made by hand to the exact size required.

The tracks (frame) are colour matched to your joinery using the Dulux Powder Coat colours. Other colours can be made available on request but additional charges usually apply.

The screen colour is by default black, white or silver but we can work with you to use a custom colour if required.

Minimum screen

  • 600mm (H) x 1100mm (W)

Maximum single screen

  • 3200mm (H) x 4500mm (W)

Maximum double screen

  • 3200mm (H) x 9000mm (W)

Brio screen doors start at around $1100 + gst fully fitted.

Ensure the screen is brushed gently when cleaning and vacuum any sand and debris from the bottom track regularly.

When not in use then retract the screen into the cassette. This will help the folds hold shape and will also return them to their original pleat.

Silicon spray can be used to lubricate the tracks if they stop running smoothly.

Lightly brush the door screen if there is any debris or buildup.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How are the Brio pleated screens for doors measured?

The width of our door screens doesn’t need to be exact but it should only be the width of the opening of the door. See our “measuring guides” above for an indication of what we mean by this. The height measurement is critical but relatively straight forward.

Because every screen is made to measure by hand then it is important that one of our team measures the opening prior to the order being processed but you can measure if you would like us to provide you with a quick quote.

A photo is also very helpful as we can tell you exactly how it will be fitted to the door.

How much do the pleated screens cost?

The Brio pleated screen for a standard single 2m high door starts at $1300’ish fully fitted and goes up to $3,000-$4,000 for the large 4m wide or 3m high screens (fully fitted).

NOTE: When looking at options, make sure you feel and inspect the retractable door screen closely before purchasing. Look at plastic components, ask if there will be joins in the mesh, feel them for flimsiness and quality of touch (give it a shake). After-all, it will be a central item in your indoor outdoor living space for years to come and it wouldn’t be the first time we have been asked to come and remove and replace a non-Phantom product from an upset home owner.

Can I choose the the colour of the frames?

Yes! The outer frame (track) can be finished in any of the Dulux colour range. If unknown, we can use the joinery colour or match it when we are there. We can also work with you on any custom finishes or bespoke colours to make sure your insect screens are carefully integrated with your décor.

The screen itself comes in Black, White or Silver however if important, we can organise a custom colour for the screen component if required. 

Are the Brio door screens pet proof?

Not completely! The fibreglass mesh is strong and the pleats make it easily visible. We have seen a farm dog run full pelt into the screen after installation and bounce off with no long term issue to screen or dog! However they can be broken. The pleated mesh replacement is difficult but we can replace the strings that run through the mesh without too much drama. As a Phantom Screens customer we will always try and look after you wherever we can.

How are the Brio pleated screens fitted?

Our screens are always fitted by Phantom-trained experts, so you don’t have to worry about learning the technicalities of the installation. The price of your screens always includes the cost of installation unless otherwise specified. The goal on all installations is to make it look like the existing joinery and the process being nothing more than a gentle breeze before and after we visit.

How long does it take from order until they are installed?

It is best to contact us and ask. It depends on the type of door, house, location and time of year. During the winter we can sometimes have them made and installed within a few weeks but outside of this it can be longer. It is a first in, first served system, so busy times can add weeks but we will do our best to look after you whenever we can.


French Door

A french door are two swinging doors that meet at the middle.

Bifold Doors

Bi-folds doors stack away but unlike a stacker door they fold away. They fold out of the way to one or both sides similar to a hinged and French door.

Stacker Doors

A Stacker Door has two or more panels that slide in the same direction stacking behind a fixed panel. Sometimes they can have windows incorporated into the non-sliding panel of the door.

High Visibility Screen

A high visibility insect screen allows for the outside to be easily visible. It is ideal when a view needs to be preserved.

Pleated Screen

The Brio pleated screen does not feature a cassette with a spring-tensioned mechanism. Instead it uses pleats, which conveniently stack back when you put the screen away.

Privacy Screen

The mesh can be used as a privacy layer of the neighbours. There is some visibility unless blackout as a mesh option is selected.

Retractable Screen

It retracts out of the way and you wouldn’t even know it is there as it is seamlessly matched to your decor.

Solar Screen

Screening the direct sun can keeps you cool in summer but the screen also keeps you warm in winter.