Insect Screens For Doors

What is an insect screen for a door?

An insect screen for a door is like a mosquito net for a door opening. It is sometimes known as a bug screen or fly screen for doors. Essentially it is insect mesh full of holes that are big enough to allow the breeze through but small enough to stop insects, mosquitos, flies, bees and wasps. In fact, all flying insects, pollen and even spiders are prevented. The mesh is spread over the opening of the door through a variety of means to keep the bugs and insects out. This provides you with a healthy living or working environment. 

These days insect screens for doors can come in different shapes and sizes, from retractable pleated screens, rollaway retractable screens, framed aluminium or fibreglass, security doors or even hanging chains.

We will try and outline a few of the differences between the options for insect screens on doors but if you have any questions about your home, please don’t hesitate in contacting us for more information.

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Pleated Screen
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Rollaway Screen
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Framed Aluminium/Fibreglass
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Security Doors
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All the options are functionally good and better than using chemical insect sprays or putting up with insects in your home. If style, quality and durability are important, then the pleated door screen or rollaway door screen are worth the investment. They really are assets in any home.

Alternatively, if function is the motivator and you are prepared for a little inconvenience or awkwardness to save dollars, then options such as the basic framed sliders or hinged doors might work.

If security is paramount then expect compromising a little on airflow, style and view but this maybe irrelevant.

Pleated Door Screens

Architecturally designed elegance meets quality and functionality.

A high-end product that will be a centrepiece in your indoor-outdoor living environment. When looking for the best, you can’t go past a Brio pleated screen. Brio seems to be superior to any rival in terms of look, feel and capabilities so that is why it is our choice. Our customers who have these door screens fitted understand why.

Brio Pleated Door screen by Phantom Screens

Rollaway Door Screens

The original, elegant and stylish door screen.

For smaller single doors, the rollaway screen is hard to beat in terms of cost for quality. Larger openings require the mesh to be zipped in making an exceptional product but adding to the price. There are various mesh options and the door latch mechanism is nicely designed and a pleasure to use.

Framed Aluminium or Fibreglass Door Screens

Certainly better than cans of fly spray.

You can’t beat bang for buck with the old style boxed frame bug screens. Phantom Screens doesn’t supply or install these because we like to focus around long term assets and quality products but you should be able to find something similar at your local hardware store.

Aluminium or fibreglass fly screens for doors.
Stainless steel mesh security door screen.

Security Doors

When security is paramount.

Security doors for insects (and other intruders) are a good way to get both boxes ticked with one product. We recommend paying a little more for a stainless steel mesh that looks a bit like an insect screen for a door instead of the ugly diamond grille. What you loose in style and elegance you gain with peace of mind. Phantom Screens can help measure, price and fit security doors so contact us if interested.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How are insect screens for doors measured?

The width of the door screens  should only be the width of the opening. See our “measuring guides” on the pleated insect screen page  for more of an indication of what we mean by this. The height measurement is also critical but relatively straight forward.

Because nearly every screen is made by hand to the exact measurements taken, it is important that one of our team measures the opening prior to the order being processed. However you can measure if you would like us to provide you with an immediate quote. A photo is also very helpful as we can tell you exactly how it will be fitted to the door.

How much do insect screens for doors cost?

The basic framed screen doors that don’t retract away and they can cost as little as $600+ at the local hardware store. We don’t provide these but you shouldn’t need an expert to put one of them together. 

Retractable insect screens for doors have been around a while (we have been installing them in New Zealand for over twenty years) and are definitely the new norm if you own the property. Over the years, non-Phantom Screen options seem to come and go, so if price driven you might be able to save some dollars if you hunt around.

NOTE: Make sure you feel and inspect the retractable door screen closely before purchasing. Look at plastic components, ask if there will be joins in the mesh, feel them for flimsiness and quality of touch. After-all, it will be a central item in your indoor outdoor living space for years to come.

Our base model Phantom roller screen for a single door (without pleated mesh or mesh zipped into the top and bottom tracks) starts at around $1000 installed.

The Brio pleated screen for a single 2m high door starts at $1300’ish and goes up to $3,000-$4,000 for the large 4m wide or 3m high screens.

Fill out the enquiry form here and send us some measurements and we will get back to you with a quote pretty quickly.

What options do I have with the door insect mesh?

The pleated mesh is standard but the rollaway screens can include different meshes for privacy, sun, insects or even a complete blackout.

The standard insect mesh we use in the doors has been tried, tested and refined for New Zealand conditions for over twenty years, so unless your situation is unique (e.g. need more privacy or shade) the insect mesh will be the right choice to allow fresh air in and keep the insects out.

Can I choose the the colour of the frames?

Yes! The outer frame (track) can be finished in any of the Dulux colour range. If you don’t have this on hand, we can use the joinery colour or match it when we are there. We’ll also work with you on any custom finishes or bespoke colours to make sure your power screens are carefully integrated with your chosen décor.

The pleated door screen for insects that sits within the tracks comes in black, white or silver however in some cases we can work with you to have this custom coloured as well.

Are the door screens pet proof?

Not completely! The fibreglass mesh used in the pleated door is strong and the pleats make it easily visible. Straight after installation we have seen a farm dog run full pelt into it and bounce off with no long term issue to screen or dog. However they can be broken.

The flat mesh in the rollaway door screen is easy to replace but the pleated mesh replacement is difficult and costly but we will always look after you where we can.

How are the insect screens fitted to my door?

Our screens are always fitted by Phantom-trained experts, so you don’t have to worry about learning the technicalities of the installation. The price of your screens always includes the cost of installation unless otherwise specified. The goal on all installations is to make it look like the existing joinery and blend in beautifully with your decor.

How long does it take from order until they are installed?

It is best to contact us and ask. It depends on the type of door, house, location and time of year. During the winter we can sometimes have them made and installed within a couple of weeks but is busy times and global mishaps, you can expect delays. It is always first in, first served, so best to get the ball rolling if you are interested. Regardless, we will do our best to look after you whenever we can.