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Fly & Insect Screens

Phantom Screens supplies and installs a premium range of fly screens to keep the annoying bugs out of your home.

Keep the flies and insects out with our beautifully designed and high quality insect and bug screen. Our local experts know the best solution for your home, providing you with good looking and long lasting retractable insect screens.

When the screen is not in use, it retracts out of the way! You wouldn’t even know it is there as it also seamlessly matched with your decor.

Contact Phantom screens for a free measure and quote and spend the warm months insect free in a home you will love.

Why invest in quality fly and insect screens?

Warning! Some gruesome facts:

  • Mosquitoes have been known to fly up to 22 km for a feast of blood!
  • Flies taste with their feet and love decaying matter and poop.
  • Moths contaminate food by leaving their skin behind.

Thats probably enough without getting into itchiness, or the spread of disease!

But don’t fret!

That’s where Phantom’s premium retractable screens come into their own! With our retractable fly screens you can open up your home to enjoy the fresh air and breeze without suffering with annoying insects – even at night when the lights are on!

And here’s why Phantom Screens are so good for insect protection. The part of a screen that stops the bugs is the mesh. The mesh pulls across the doorway or window and allows the fresh air in, but not the bugs. They also look amazing.

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What openings can be screened to stop insects?

We’ve got lots of products which provide excellent insect protection – for doors, windows, and large openings– check them out using the links:

Enquiry Form

Grab a quote quickly and easily by sending a little information.

Choosing Executive Mesh

Choosing an Executives mesh, has never been easier. An app developed by Visiontex, let’s the user imagine what their space could look like. With our Executive screen. The app is…

Quality Magnetic Fly Screen NZ

Quality Magnetic fly screens, are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Phantoms customisation, mean our magnetic screens can be installed directly on the window frame, or surrounding wall.A magnetic fly…

Is there a difference between an “Executive” and a “Cocha” outdoor awning screen?

The Executive, and the Cocha screen are both leading products in their field. Determining the differences is done by design, operation, mesh and tracks. Below, we have outlined the main differences…

How are the insect screens fitted?

Phantom screens, are fitted to the inside of your joinery. They have two tracks on either side, and a cassette at the top, where the screen rolls away into. The…

Do we offer Pet Proof Screens?

Yes, Phantom screens have developed a mesh for pets. Because we know, not all homes have the same needs. Because of this, we designed a “pet proof screen”. This means the…

What is the process in getting a insect screen in NZ?

Getting an insect screen from Phantom could not be any easier. From an on-site measure, to quote to the installation. The Process: Enquiry Submitted This is one of the most…

Does the mesh break or need to be replaced?

Our experts will whip out the mesh and replace it with a brand new mesh. Replacing an entire screen and frame can be costly. Because we have been installing screens…

How do fly screens stop mosquitos?

The “holes” or “air pockets” in our mesh, are large enough to allow free flow air. In saying that, they are small in size for a mosquitos diameter to not…

Are good quality insect screens worth it?

Yes, yes & yes! While we maybe a little biased. But without even considering the huge saving of annoyance, from flies and mosquitoes.Consider the cost of ten years worth of…

Can I choose the the colour of the screen?

You can choose any colour that pertains, to the aluminium components of the screen. Phantom use, the Dulux powder-coating colour range. When an on-site measurement is done. Your chosen colour,…

What if we decide to wait a year?

Decisions like these do take time. In saying that, waiting risks an increase in quote price due to suppliers increasing their prices in that time. Obviously your windows, doors or…

Is the price negotiable?

How we determine our prices: Our prices are fixed and calculated on the size of the opening, screen type and travel/freight requirement. Opening Size This means that the larger the…

When will my screen be installed?

At Phantom we endeavour to have your screen ordered, powder coated (to your desired colour), assembled and installed within a four to eight weeks from the approval of the quote.…

Can I fit them myself? DIY Friendly?

Our screens are always fitted by Phantom-trained experts. So you don’t have to worry about learning the technicalities of the installation.  The price of your screens always include the cost…

How much does a screen cost?

Phantom screens are custom made to measure. In most cases the price of the screen is determined by its size. If you are eager to get a price based on…

What is your warranty on the screens?

We are known for the best warranty in the industry. This is possible because we only use the highest quality products and materials available.We keep your details for reference but…

What power do the motorised outdoor blinds need?

Outdoor motorised blinds, are set up with a “molex clip” on the end of a wiring system. So, this is ready for the electrician to then cut off, and do…

Make the most of your outdoor living space

How Kiwi is the outdoor patio, bbq area or the use of a sunroom-it is basically in our blood. This small addition can raise your homes saleable value by 12%!…

French Door Insect Screens

A french door are two swinging doors that meet at the middle.

Fly Screens on Bifold Doors

Bi-folds doors stack away but unlike a stacker door they fold away. They fold out of the way to one or both sides similar to a hinged and French door.

Insect screens for Stacker Doors

A Stacker Door has two or more panels that slide in the same direction stacking behind a fixed panel. Sometimes they can have windows incorporated into the non-sliding panel of the…

What is a High Visibility Fly Screen?

A high visibility insect screen allows for the outside to be easily visible. It is ideal when a view needs to be preserved.

What is a Pleated Screen?

The Brio pleated screen does not feature a cassette with a spring-tensioned mechanism. Instead it uses pleats, which conveniently stack back when you put the screen away.

Do you do Privacy Screens?

The mesh can be used as a privacy layer of the neighbours. There is some visibility unless blackout as a mesh option is selected.

What are "Pull Down" Insect Screens?

Pull down insect screens retract out of way when not needed.

What is a Retractable Fly Screen?

It retracts out of the way and you wouldn’t even know it is there as it is seamlessly matched to your decor.

What are Retractable Solar Screens?

Screening the direct sun can keeps you cool in summer but the screen also keeps you warm in winter.