Fly & Insect Screens

Phantom Screens supplies and installs a premium range of fly screens to keep the annoying bugs out of your home.

Keep the flies and insects out with our beautifully designed and high quality insect and bug screen. Our local experts know the best solution for your home, providing you with good looking and long lasting retractable insect screens.

When the screen is not in use, it retracts out of the way! You wouldn’t even know it is there as it also seamlessly matched with your decor.

Contact Phantom screens for a free measure and quote and spend the warm months insect free in a home you will love.

Why invest in quality fly and insect screens?

Warning! Some gruesome facts:

  • Mosquitoes have been known to fly up to 22 km for a feast of blood!
  • Flies taste with their feet and love decaying matter and poop.
  • Moths contaminate food by leaving their skin behind.

Thats probably enough without getting into itchiness, or the spread of disease!

But don’t fret!

That’s where Phantom’s premium retractable screens come into their own! With our retractable fly screens you can open up your home to enjoy the fresh air and breeze without suffering with annoying insects – even at night when the lights are on!

And here’s why Phantom Screens are so good for insect protection. The part of a screen that stops the bugs is the mesh. The mesh pulls across the doorway or window and allows the fresh air in, but not the bugs. They also look amazing.

What openings can be screened to stop insects?

We’ve got lots of products which provide excellent insect protection – for doors, windows, and large openings– check them out using the links: