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Do you do Privacy Screens?

Privacy screens are classified by Phantom, as the darkest mesh selection. If  privacy is the goal, a closed mesh is adequate. The screen is then, has lower visibility from the outside. A less visible screen, restricts the airflow. If privacy is not a priority. An open insect mesh, for maximum airflow, is recommended.

An Executive screen, is the best screen to have a balance of both privacy, and airflow. Because, it has three view options. 60%, 90% and 95%. Once the measurement is complete, your needs will be discussed. Consider exactly what you require from the screen, for the mesh to meet your expectations. 

There is always some visibility unless, blackout as a mesh option is chosen. The screens that have mesh options are:

Note, the mesh selections vary, throughout these products. The depth and vision also vary in percent. So discussing your options on the day of your measure, is vital for you to get the product that suits your needs.

To create even more discretion with privacy, and a screen. Consider recessing the tracks, to create a seamless look throughout your home.

Consider these options, to increase your privacy:

  • Planting foliage or dwarf pines, to block prying eyes
  • Hedging the outskirts of your property
  • Adding potted vines to offset the area that you would like to remain private

In addition to quality screens, and strategically placed outdoor decor. The ability for people to see into your property, over your fence or from the road, is minimised. Phantom experts know the best solution, for your home. Our products rate higher in quality, look discrete and last longer.

For even more comfort in your decisions. The rollaway door screen, and Executive mentioned above are found in this video. Click Here!

Privacy screen Mesh selections
Privacy Cocha mesh

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