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Choosing Executive Mesh

Choosing an Executives mesh, has never been easier. An app developed by Visiontex, let’s the user imagine what their space could look like. With our Executive screen. The app is available on both apple and iOS. So, regardless of your technology preference, it is still available to you.

First off, download the app – Apple OR iOS. Follow our quick steps below:

  •  Take or import a photo, of the area you are considering an Executive screen to be installed.
  • Choose the mesh type you would like
    • Plus or Ultra
  • Choose your view
    • Is your photo taken outside looking in
    • Or is your photo taken from the inside looking out
  • Slot the points of the opening. This is done by using the little blue icon in the corners
    • If you have taken a picture of a space that requires two or more screens. This step can be done altogether, before selecting “Done” at the bottom
  • Then any colour available in the app.

For colour contrast, this is one of the easiest ways, for outdoor decor. Prior to a measurement taking place.

Discuss your selections further, by simply booking a measure, via this link> ENQUIRE HERE. Our measurement expert will be happy to do this with you, while discussing your options.

The advantage to doing this prior to getting a measure, is that you can directly access our product. And then simply, feel our mesh in person. How easy is that?

For more comfort in your selection, why not try an app that takes the hassle out of wonder. Be aware, that the mesh selection is thicker than our insect mesh. So, to account for the weight. The roller inside the cassette at the top will be 180mm in width for openings larger than 3.5m. 

Otherwise, follow along with the instructional video below!

Choosing Executive Mesh
Choosing Executive Mesh

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