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Celebrating Excellence: Belco Homes Wins Master Builders Supreme House of the Year Award

Discovering Excellence: A Workshop Break Unveils Belco Homes’ Crowning Achievement

Picture this – the scent of fresh coffee mingles with the morning air as the Phantom Screens workshop takes a well-deserved breather. Amid the clinking of cups, a remarkable discovery unfolds – Belco Homes, the master builders renowned for their artistry, had secured a triumphant victory. The news broke while Doug scrolled through SunLive during smoko, revealing their astounding success in the 2023 Bay of Plenty and Central Plateau Registered Master Builders House of the Year competition. The feat was nothing short of spectacular – clinching the coveted Supreme House of the Year Over $1 Million award, among others. The story is an ode to the relentless pursuit of perfection by Belco Homes.

Unveiling the Triumph

As the tale of achievement unfurls, the source of this newfound knowledge comes to light. The SunLive article paints a vivid picture of the accolades showered upon Belco Homes. A trifecta of victories, including the Supreme House of the Year award, solidifies their reputation as the epitome of excellence in the world of construction.

A Home Like No Other

The heart of this victory story lies in the extraordinary Bethlehem house, where innovation meets elegance. The Belco Homes website offers a virtual passport to explore this architectural masterpiece.

The 6.0m+ Phantom Screens outdoor retractable blinds subtly make their presence felt, seamlessly merging indoor and outdoor spaces. Tracks recessed into the Hinuera split stone brickwork tell a story of meticulous attention to detail, where every facet of design has been carefully curated to perfection.

Journey to Excellence

The path to success is paved with dedication, and Belco Homes’ journey exemplifies just that. Their commitment to crafting spaces that transcend functionality is evident in every corner of the Bethlehem house. The Master Builders awards announcement provides a glimpse into the resounding victory, underscoring their mastery by winning accolades across various categories, including the prestigious Supreme House of the Year award.

Linking Dreams to Reality

For those seeking to explore the realm of architectural magnificence and discover firsthand the magic woven by Belco Homes, the link to their website serves as a portal to a world where dreams take shape, and aspirations find a home.

A Toast to Belco Homes

In celebrating Belco Homes’ remarkable triumph, we raise our cups to their unwavering dedication, boundless innovation, and unparalleled craftsmanship. Their success in the 2023 Bay of Plenty and Central Plateau Registered Master Builders House of the Year competition echoes far beyond the workshop walls, inspiring all to reach for the pinnacle of excellence. Congratulations to Belco Homes for painting a masterpiece in stone, wood, and passion.


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