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Can I choose the the colour of the screen?

You can choose any colour that pertains, to the aluminium components of the screen. Phantom use, the Dulux powder-coating colour range. When an on-site measurement is done. Your chosen colour, will be confirmed on-site. Depending on the product you are interested in. The colour charts vary slightly in name. Between New Zealand, and Australia.

When the measure is complete, that is the perfect time to discuss your colour selection. When you choose to go ahead, this will save time delays in ordering. If your house has recently been built, the colour of your joinery would have been discussed. The colour will be found on the joinery specific plans.

For those of you who are unsure of the colour of your joinery. Our experts always carry a colour book. And will use windows and doors as a reference guide. 

To ensure seamless integration of decor. We will consider any custom finishes, or bespoke colours.

The powder-coating colour guide is endless, in terms of finish. Powder-coated colours are finished with a sparkle, meaning the paint reflects light rather than absorbs it. All powder-coated products, are sent to a Dulux accredited powder coater, for premium results. 

Colours that are not finished in a sparkle, are those that are matte finished. A product with a matte finish, absorbs the light rather than reflecting it.

The pleated screen has a set colour. This means we will order your custom colour from the New Zealand Dulux range, and ship it to our Australian suppliers so the frame can be the colour you have requested. Custom colours do carry an extra charge, but this will be discussed with you before sending the first deposit invoice. 


To view the colour selection, from Dulux directly. Follow this link. DULUX

To view mesh samples, for colour coordination. Follow this link. MESH

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