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Are good quality insect screens worth it?

Yes, yes & yes! While we maybe a little biased. But without even considering the huge saving of annoyance, from flies and mosquitoes.

Consider the cost of ten years worth of cans of fly spray. Now consider, the cost of cooling your house when the doors are closed. Or the fly poo on paint work, being cleaned or repainted. By far, a fly screen is cheaper in the long run. In comparison to paying a painter or having to steam mop your walls!

For instance, a quality insect screen installed by Phantom, isn’t just down to the screen itself. Phantoms quality screens lie in the overall components, that make up the screen. It is down to the science of mesh holes and longevity, the aluminium that is used, the powder-coaters we work with, and the ease of use. Who else makes a better retractable screen? We challenge you to find a quality comparison you don’t have to assemble, and install yourself. 

Consequently, living costs are only ever rising. Because of this, it is important to understand and examine all of your options. Phantom want you to enjoy your home. Just as much as we enjoy installing long-term, cost effective screens in your home. If you are struggling to make a decision. We have customers only coming back to us after 17+ years, to have minor parts changed or repaired. In terms of minor repairs, we are talking sun fade on the strings in a brio, a small tear in a flat mesh screen, or a popped out rollaway screen. Because of these small adjustments, customers are only being charged between two-three hundred dollars. WOW! What a saving, if you take into account the fact that they paid $2,000.00, 17+ years prior. 

Get them, you won’t regret ’em and when choosing, buy nice or buy twice. 


To view our screen in the video below, click HERE!

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Quality insect screens

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